Which Angel Wings Character are you?
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Which Angel Wings Character are you?

So who are you? Are you the main character, who likes to be in the spotlight? The quiet one? Cynical? This test will tell you. Have fun. ^_^

Question 1:Are you good with your hands?
Hell yes! Hell? *looks around nervously*
No, I suck. *rolls eyes* Yes, I'm good.
You doubt it?
Yeah. Wanna see?

Question 2:What color is your hair?
Pure black
All of them.

Question 3:What color are your eyes?
Deep Blue. They change colors...
Black, what else?
Lots of them...mostly blue, though.

Question 4:Your choice weapon is...
You name it, I can use it. My choice is magic, though...
My sword, naturally.
Anything I want.
I don't have a choice. I like them all.

Question 5:Heaven is...
Where my school is...
Who cares?
They'll pay...
My home

Question 6:Your title is...
Angel of Music and Life.
I am my own title.
No, my title * was *.
Angel of Life / Angel of Music

Question 7:Fight better when you're mad?
No, actually, the opposite...
Doesn't everyone?
Of course.

Question 8:You hate...
Killing. *Shudder*
That rotten angel-girl...
Those...* people * up in that * place *
Being helpless.

Question 9:Your mission in life?
To figure out my mission and complete it.
To finish off that angel-girl once and for all...
To make them pay.
I'm not entirely sure. Life is what you make of it.

Question 10:You could be mistaken for...
A siren
A normal girl
An angel.
My sister

Question 11:How many lives do you have?
Four, I think...unless I counted wrong...
As many as I want. My...master is very kind.
An infinite amount...there is one way to kill me, but...
One or two...I....used a few of them up...

Question 12:What color are your wings?
Black and deep blue & white and light blue.
No, what color * were * they is a better question...
Black. Pure black.
Black and blue.

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