Which 90210 Girl Are You?
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Which 90210 Girl Are You?

Question 1:In high school, you were...
A straight-A student
An A and B student
Average or a mixture of everything
Below average

Question 2:Ever cheated on someone?
No, I'm completely faithful
Not really, but I've cheated with a friend's guy.
No, but someone has cheated on me.
Yeah and I had to face serious consequences.

Question 3:You are afraid of...
Roller coasters
Not fitting in with my peers
Hurting those around me
Being dumber than everyone

Question 4:What annoys you about people around you?
There's no logic in this world.
They all think I'm a goody-two-shoes when I'm not.
They don't think of me as anything but pretty. I would like to be credited for my talents and abilities as well.
They are so darn unethical.

Question 5:What would you base the college-making decision on?
The college that is ranked the highest.
The college that I feel is located in a good environment.
The college that most of my friends are going to.
Whichever one I get into, if I'm lucky.

Question 6:If you could take any after-school job, which would it be?
Working at a teen-line place.
Working in an office.
Working in a clinic.
Working in a clothing store.

Question 7:Which after-school activity are you most likely to join?
Math Team
Drama Club
Art Club

Question 8:What do your friends find annoying about you?
I sometimes make them feel stupid in an attempt to make myself look smarter.
I have a tendency to break out over the littlest things (or be very bitchy for that matter).
I have a tendency to overwhelm those around me with my wildness.
I'm just too perfect. I never do anything wrong.

Question 9:Which high-school clique do you fit into?
I'm in my own clique.

Question 10:What do you think of animal testing?
It is definitely necessary in order to learn more about the environment.
I don't like the idea of it, but what can I really do about it?
We need it in order to find cures for diseases, illnesses, etc.
Don't hurt the animals! That's mean!

Question 11:Which 90210 guy is most like you?
Dylan - A bit of a perfectionist, just like me!
Brandon - he's my evil twin! Ha, ha!
Steve - Always ready to have a good time like me!
David - Creative and caring, just like me!

Question 12:What's your family like?
I hardly ever see them, so how would I know?
There's always someone to depend on.
Have you ever heard of the word dysfunctional?
We're a typical rich family that lives in a gorgeous home.

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