Which Dawson's Creek Character Are You?
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Which Dawson's Creek Character Are You?

Are you Dawson? Jen? Joey? or Pacey? I know, Audrey, Andie, Drue, and Jack are all missing, but I only wanted to do the main characters. Find out your inner DC teen here!

Question 1:Which of the following would you prefer to do in your spare time?
don't matter, so long as you're havin' fun

Question 2:When did you loose your virginity? (I hope this question doesn't offend you!)
can't remember
After you turned 18
Between the ages of 11-14
Between the ages of 14-17

Question 3:Are you currently dating someone?
No. I don't feel about anyone that way right now.
Interested, not dating....yet
Yeah. I love him/her too!
Interested....hoping to date soon

Question 4:Which 80's song can you relate to the most?
I Hate Myself For Loving You
Walking On Sunshine
Jessie's Girl
Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun

Question 5:[Ok, now we get into the "what does that have to do with this quiz?" questions. Prepare!] What piece of make up could you not live without?
lip stick/gloss and eye liner
huh? I don't wear makeup
mascara and eyeshadow
don't wear make up

Question 6:Sing much?
Not often, only when encouraged.
Why not? It's fun
Hell yea!
When I'm drunk enough

Question 7:What color is your hair?
blond (naturally)
dyed from brown to blond

Question 8:Ever gotten drunk?
So many times I an unable to count.

Question 9:What are your living arrangements?
Mom and dad, maybe a sibling
Sister and nephew/niece

Question 10:How old were you when you got your first kiss?
13 or under

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