Which Character of The Erin Series are you??
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Which Character of The Erin Series are you??

Which Character of the Erin Series are you?? Erin himself?? Yvonne his bride? Bill the computer rival of Erin?? Or The one of the Heroes of the story, Jokuu and Brillin?

Question 1:You love which of the following?
Your Friends
Your Family
Your Huge, Fat, yet strong, Lover

Question 2:You're thinking of which of the following at this moment?
I wonder if I can hack in here and see who I'm going to be?
Man... I suck
Man.. my lover is soo HOT
You killed my wife!! Aaaaaaarrrrggghhh!!

Question 3:A guy downtown picks a fight with you, You..
beat him easily.. no problem
Eat That Punk!!
Melt him with your thick science-like glasses
seduce him and kill him.
fight and act like you're going to lose and then you beat him

Question 4:Which of the following do you think about yourself?
I'm an okay guy! But I'm taken ladies!
I can do anything!! With computers at least...
I'm the strongest warrior in the universe!!
I wish I could be a better person...
I'm the sexiest chick on earth!

Question 5:If any of the following could make you go mad, which would it be?
Where's my honey?? Baby cakes? Where'd ya go???
No Snacks??? No Dessert?? Only healthy foood?? Ohh.. Help Me!!!
My computer!!! NOoOoOoOoO!!
Huh? Nothing makes me go mad..
Arggg... Nobody hurts my family!!!!!

Question 6:You're stuck on an island.. and you're starving.. there's another person with you.. and you only have one picnic basket left.. you'd....
you can have my food.. I'll go out and look for some fish or something..
I don't need to eat.. I'm already fit enough.. (but you really ate all the food)
Let us all share it equally
-munch munch- There's another person on the island? Oops.. -burp-
I'll clone the food!! heheheheh

Question 7:You're favorite song is...
Remember (Disturbed)
Some Pop or techno pop song
I like pizza... I like hot dogs.. I like etc (from the Simpons.. {the one where Homer becomes a newspaper food editor guy})
Last Resort (Papa Roach)
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Daft Punk)

Question 8:Your Dream g/f or b/f is..
sweet and would drink diet soda to save my life
The Girl I can never reach or get a hold of...
I'm married fool! I found my dream woman/man
big and cuddly (to you at least)

Question 9:Your favorite TV network is..
How to get pretty network (if there is one)
Food Network
Comedy Central
TLC (the learning channel)

Question 10:Your instrument of choice is...
A Guitar! Yeeehaaww!!
Bass Guitar! , You can't make music without a beat!
Instrument?? Screw that!
my keyboard that can make techno noises
the drums

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