Which Ally McBeal Character Are You?
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Which Ally McBeal Character Are You?

Ever wonder which character in Ally McBeal you relate most to? Find out by taking this simple quiz!

Question 1:When you get into an argument with your significant other, you:
Give them a piercing glare, and then leave the room.
Begin stuttering incoherently.
Try to avoid the subject altogether, and if all else fails, resort to the cash.
You yell loudly, not allowing your partner to speak until you are finished.
Kiss them and hope they'll forgive you.

Question 2:If you tripped in front of someone you wanted to impress, you would:
Smile widely, but hit yourself on the head later.
Flash them an attractive smile if they're good-looking.
Quickly walk away, while muttering under your breath.
Glare at them if they so much as grin.

Question 3:Your ultimate goal in life is to:
Learn to accept yourself, and find cute guys while you're at it.
Overcome your inferiority complex and get revenge on all those who belittled you.
Become the most successful, and well-respected person in the world.
Make lots of money and meet lots of chicks.
Find true love and live happily ever after.

Question 4:Someone bumps into you deliberately, you:
First check whether they're rich or not.
Complain to them in a loud voice.
Glare at them until you've got them cowering in a corner.
Check them out.
Immediately assume they must hate you.

Question 5:Your dream guy(girl) would be someone who:
Would obey your every command.
Is a good kisser.
Would love you, and only you for eternity.
Would accept you for who you are.
Is good-looking and has lots of money.

Question 6:You are in a very embarrassing situation in a public place; you:
Blabber to yourself, then run away.
Pretend to laugh along with everyone else.
Flash an attractive grin at all the lookers.
Pretend nothing happened.
I would never be in an embarrassing situation, thank you.

Question 7:In high school you were(are) most likely:
The queen(king) of the school; perfect at everything.
A rich brat whose after all the girls.
A cheerleader with perfect grades.
A nerd whose always getting their lunch money stolen.
A man-magnet whose always got a date.

Question 8:What you like most about yourself is that:
I have lots of money.
I'm mad brilliant.
I like everything about myself; I'm perfect.
I'm attractive and confident about myself.
I'm in control of my emotions, and a very strong-minded person.

Question 9:If your significant other decided to break up with you, you would:
Take it badly, and hold a grudge against them.
Earn more money so that they'd take me back.
Start dating other people immediately.
NO ONE would ever dump me!
Act cheerful in front of others, but mope and cry when you're alone.

Question 10:My top priority in daily-life is:
Gathering lots of potential clients; clients=money
Keeping my social life at a good balance.
Managing not to suffer humiliation on dates.
Letting everyone know that I'm better than them.
Finding a great date.

Question 11:To me, exercising regularly is:
A good way to stay slim.
A waste of time; you get no material profit from it.
Embarrassing, unless you're talking about gymnastics...
Disgusting; I hate sweaty people.
An opportunity to find fit guys.

Question 12:If you decided to raise a pet, you would probably do so for this reason:
I could train it to become an animal movie-star.
I could enter my pet in a contest and win prize money.
It would listen to all my worries and troubles without complaint.
Lots of guys happen to go for girls who are compatible with animals.
I could cuddle it and love it.

Question 13:What do you value most in life?
Peace, tranquility, consistency.
Self-acceptance, enjoyment, happiness.
Perfection, dignity, pride.
Love, compassion, confidence.
Success, money, girls.

Question 14:What do most people seem to think of you?
Confident, intelligent.
Shallow, RICH.
Attractive, cheerful.
Quiet, shy, slightly odd.
Perfect, flawless, successful.

Question 15:If you could travel anywhere at this moment, you would most likely go to:
Las Vegas; I want to enjoy myself as much as possible!
New York; you can never have too many rich friends!
The countryside; an opportunity to relax my mind.
The Carribeans; somewhere exotic, yet sophisticated.
Europe; adventure and a taste of the fine arts is what I need!

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