7th Heaven Personality Quiz
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7th Heaven Personality Quiz

Find out which 7th Heaven character you are most like.

Question 1:If a stranger approached you and asked you to help them with a problem, you would...
Help them immediately.
Tell them you can't, but give them the name and number of someone who can.
Find out more before making a decision.
Tell them you need time to think about it.
Tell them you can't and make an excuse.

Question 2:Your ideal date is...
Going to the promenade.
A picnic at night under the stars.
A quiet corner in a coffee house.
Making out anywhere you can.

Question 3:It's Friday night and you are...
On a date.
At home.
Out with friends.
At a huge party.
Out looking for a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.

Question 4:When it comes to money...
You spend as much as you make.
You need help managing your money, you're not great with numbers.
You borrow so much that you are in serious debt.
You manage it well, saving most and spending wisely.
You save and save and save. You're the one everyone comes to for a loan.

Question 5:What is closest to your dream job?
Teacher or Child Care Worker
Flight Attendant

Question 6:Which of these interests you the most...
Helping people without telling others.

Question 7:What's your relationship with your parents like?
Strong, couldn't be better.
We tolerate each other.
They don't trust me and I avoid them.
We have some good days and bad days, but mostly average.
It's either weak or non-existent.

Question 8:About smoking cigarettes...
I think it's totally disgusting.
I have no opinion.
I tried it briefly, but tough love stopped me.
I tried it once, it made me sick and I've never tried it again.
I tried it a few times thinking it made me look cool or bad.

Question 9:Where's the best place to find a date?
Somewhere far from home, maybe even in a different state or country.
At school.
At work or the promenade.
At or around home.
At the park.

Question 10:Which describes you best...
Outgoing and people oriented
Not really outgoing and people oriented
Outgoing and task oriented
Not really outgoing and task oriented

Question 11:You found the man/woman of your dreams. You...
Are constantly suspicious of them and if they truly love you.
Take time slowly and get to know them better.
Marry them immediately.
Let your hormones take control.
Lack commitment and still go out with others.

Question 12:You are...
Intelligent in some ways, but struggle in school.
Of average intelligence.
Very smart, but you don't usually show it.
Street smart, you know a little about a lot.
A genius and you let everyone know it.

Question 13:What do you value most?
Love Relationships

Question 14:Which do you prefer?
Small group of very close friends.
Somewhat large group of people, friends and strangers, small party size.
One person, like on a date.
Large group of people.
I'm a bit of a loner.

Question 15:On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being you practically cry all the time and 5 being you cry hardly ever, how much do you cry?

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