Which 7th Heaven Character Are You?
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Which 7th Heaven Character Are You?

Everyone loves the crazy camdens! Something about there mix up lives remind us of our own. But which one are you? Now you can know!

Question 1:You face hard problems by...
Worrying, worrying, worrying!
Trying to help other people even if I end up in even more trouble.
Tricking other people into solving them for me.
Doing something stupid, and usually getting in trouble for it.
Acting like a brickwall, and making people think I'm in control.

Question 2:On TV you watch...
Adventure. Kill 'em!
The news.
Cartoons! Nothing beats Bugs Bunny|!
Sappy soap operas. (Sniff)
Sports! Go Lakers!

Question 3:Late at night you stay up...
Listening to other people's conversations.
Dancing around in my pajamas.
Playing cards.
Worrying if my boyfriend likes me.

Question 4:When it comes to school...
I'm smart.
I'm the one who keeps the peace.
I'm hard working.
I'm popular.
I'm always in trouble.

Question 5:When it comes to wacky plans...
I'm telling everyone not to do them.
I'm the one who volunteers to run them.
I have nothing to do with them.
I'm making them.
I'm the one who catches the people pulling them off.

Question 6:When you are older, you want to...
Join a service, like the marines.
Become a spy.
Become a fire fighter or a police officer.
Get a job helping people, like a doctor.
Get a spiritual job, like a minister.

Question 7:Your friends think you are...
Strong minded.
Wishy Washy.
A major worrywort.

Question 8:What is the best thing that could happen to you?
Adopting a child I love.
Having my sweetie asks me to marry him/her.
Being told that I are so smart I can go to a private school.
Getting into a tough college.
Making my parents extremely proud of me.

Question 9:What is the worst thing that could happen to you?
Being dumped by the man of my dreams.
Having no friends.
Being hated by my in-laws.
My son having a heart attack.
Becoming so bad my family no longer wants me.

Question 10:How do you get a boy or girl's attention?
Just act really cool, they'll come.
Give them huge grins, while obsessing about them.
Buy new pants and sit in your car in front of their house.
Get an injury that they can fix.
Just grabbed my sweetie at the first chance I get and kiss!

Question 11:What's your theme song?
Spy by The Mofatts
The Canadian Athem
Emotions by Destinany's Child
Bad Girl by Madonna
I'm Your Man by Enrique Iglesias

Question 12:The people that annoy you the most are...
People who are sissies.
People who judge you for past mistakes, even when you have paid for them.
People who don't see your whole potential.
People who try to steal your boy/girlfriend.
People who try to takeover your life.

Question 13:What kind of things are you best at?
Leadership, I am good at keeping order.
Seeing through people, I have some intuition.
Moral support, I'm good at caring for others.
Hands on stuff, like building.
Thinking of crazy plans.

Question 14:Who do you fight with most?
Siblings, they drive me crazy.
No one gets that mad at me, I'm just that kind of person.
My Parents, they're always trying to control me.
People who think I'm wrong, when I'm actually right.

Question 15:What would your perfect boy/girlfriend be like?
Extremely generous, on the richer side, and trendy hair..
Firm, and opinionated, maybe reddish hair.
Sweet, crazy, with blonde hair.
Emotional, but still strong, with nice light hair.
Exciting, romantic, with nice dark hair.

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