Which "Angel Wings" Character Are You?
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Which "Angel Wings" Character Are You?

How do you fit into my book? Do you have enemies in...low...places? Are you the enemy in a low place? Are you the sidekick? Find out.

Question 1:Do you love storms, and go outside to watch them every time you hear thunder?
Who wouldn't? Storms are so captivating...
I love storms!
I would, but I don't really want to get all that wet.
I'm a little stuck down here. I don't hear the thunder over all the screams...

Question 2:Are you always fighting off guys trying to "get to know you better"?
Ugh, yes. I can't escape!
Nah. I'm glad they don't swarm at me.
No, I am one.
No. They're all afraid of me.

Question 3:Are the Hevanican mages afraid of you?
How did you find that out?
Noo, I've never met them.
No, but they're afraid of my girlfriend...
They helped get me exiled, those *bleeeeeeeeeep*...

Question 4:Do you have a very important destiny?
*Shrug* I dunno what it is, but mother keeps telling me it's important.
Not unless it's being friends with a Goddess.
I'm told so, yes.
Not that I know of, unless you count being killed by someone who has one.

Question 5:Do you have wings?
Yes. They got me into a lot of trouble back up there, too. Darn black and blue feathers...
Nope, but my best friend does!
Yep. Half angel.
I HAD wings until that....ARCHANGEL decided they had to go.

Question 6:What color's your hair?
Oh, it has a lot of colors...mostly medium blondish, though.
It's all wavy and red.
Medium blonde with light blonde highlights.
Black. My hair is black.

Question 7:What color are your eyes?
Well, their natural color is deep blue, but it changes with my moods.
Kind of a green-blue-greyish hazel color.
Ice blue, but the edges change.
...Black. Go away.

Question 8:Ever killed anyone?
Er...yes, okay? Yes. I hate it, though...
*shudder* Yes, but it was self-defense...or at least defense.

Question 9:What are you, anyway?
Er, Angel...but I turn into a Goddess!
Uh, Human, as far as I know.
Part angel, part God.
Malaeingelle, and proud of it.

Question 10:Which Angel Wings character do you think you are?
Iris Archantere / Isis Vinuiet
Crystal (Crys) Jones
Nicodemus (Nick/Nic) Vinuiet
Cerullianne Mavuieso

This Quiz has been designed by Irene Zarr.