Which Teletubby Are You?
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Which Teletubby Are You?

Which one are you? This is part anime-style, part stupid-style, and part........ Teletubby. Lol. Time for Teletubbies!! Good luck!

Question 1:What do you like to do on a free day?
Go on a picnic with a few of my closest friends.
Play my new set of drums.
Sit inside and watch Discovery Health.
Invite a friend over and play Candyland until you drop.

Question 2:Your favorite anime?
Sailor Moon.
Digi Charat.
Cowboy Bebop.

Question 3:What do you wear to school?
A Nike shirt, some baggy jeans, and my tennis shoes.
My khaki shorts and my plaid button-up top.
I'm not in school yet! I'm not old enough...
The cutest tank top, flared jeans, and flip-flops.

Question 4:Your best friend is...
In a rock group.
One of the opposite gender.
The most popular one in school!
Really nice and caring.

Question 5:What's your favorite saying?
Waiter, there's a fly in my soup... I don't think you should be getting your clothes on in the kitchen...
If it looks that way, don't be deceived... it probably is.
If it makes you look cute, buy it. If it makes you look fat, buy it anyways... maybe that annoying guy will quit chasing you.
I'm the flame, you're the wood, you better be runnin', because you just got BURNED!!

Question 6:Which of these words/phrases would you like to have made up?

Question 7:Are these weird questions?
Yeah, they are..
Not the weirdest things I've seen...
They're cute. ^.^

Question 8:Strangest substitute cuss word?
Bibbly cheese!

Question 9:What do you wish you had?
A motorized scooter.
An electric guitar.
A bright purple PT Cruiser.
A puppy.

Question 10:Favorite school subject?
What did I tell you about me not being in school...
English/Language Arts.

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