Which member of the Cars are you? Improved version.
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Which member of the Cars are you? Improved version.

Yes this one is new and improved due to spelling mistakes... and much more fun..

Question 1:   Tell me, superstar, what's your favorite song you played tonight?
I'm in touch with your world
All mixed up
Cool Fool
It's not the night

Question 2:   And what did you play?
Rhythm Guitar
Bass Guitar
Lead Guitar

Question 3:   And what were you wearing?
Hmm... mostly black
Leather (any type)
My hair in my eyes .... and a blazer
Simple white t-shirt and black pants..
Polyester anything

Question 4:   What colour is your hair?
Black. It's always been except for that time when I dyed it blonde
Brownish black
Lighter darker brown... yea I don't know.. just ignore me

Question 5:   Quick. Which city sails between the eyes and smacks you in the face the fastest?
New York
Niagara Falls

Question 6:   You're always seen with --
drum - sticks

Question 7:   What's your favorite word?
er.... favorite word *thinks longingly*
Heh.. I don't know... probably GO!
I don't have one..

Question 8:   Explain your personality.
I'm me. I write songs, I sing. That's what I do and I'm not easily shocked by this screwed up world.
I party, I'm all rock n roll, and I'm gonna keep rockin till I die... hey have you seen my softball glove?
I do most things freehand, and I'm not easily amused. I just want to be me, if that's okay.
I'm very creative, and there are no limits to life. Hey, have you seen my coat anywhere?
I'm fairly studious, and you know, I'd really like to make another album. Working on something new, always looking for something new, and I think I've found it

Question 9:   You're gonna die from --
Uh, I don't think I'm ever gonna die, if I want to be honest. I mean, I'm a hero *laughs furtively*
Um, sorry man, I'm already dead. I died, however, from all that smoking I did...
What now..?
Uh, probably from stress although I kind of have it all
Don't know. But when I do I'll be prepared.

Question 10:   So where do you live?
New York.
Well I was a Yankee and then I moved down south. Then I died.
Er.. I prefer not to tell you.
Who knows? *waves hands around* I could be here, I could be there.
Um... I move around a little... but I do prefer Niagara Falls

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