What Muppets character are you?
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What Muppets character are you?

Have you ever wondered where you stand among all those furry lovable creatures? Find out!

Question 1:   What would you enjoy doing in your spare time?
playing a banjo
mowing the lawn
laughing at nothing in particular

Question 2:   What is your favorite color?
I guess green isn't all that bad...
Blue's okay...
polka-dots! That's a color, right?

Question 3:   Who would you choose as a friend?
A frog
Myself, of course!
A rat
A bear

Question 4:   What is your pet peeve?
A golden frog
People that like to bend my nose
People that think I'm weak
Serious people

Question 5:   Pepe just got you really mad. You want revenge. What do you do?
Start practicing your spinning kick
Cry out in agony
Steal his cake when he's not looking
Give him your most confusing jokes

Question 6:   What would you say more on a daily basis?
Wahka wahka wahka
Something spontaneous and with chickens
*sigh*, *grumble*
lots of French

Question 7:   Who do you spend the most time with?
My bow tie
A frog
A pig

Question 8:   What is your strong point?
Acting spontaneous
Making people laugh
Doing martial arts

Question 9:   How would you describe yourself?
The average schmo
The cutie
The weirdo
The clown

Question 10:   What item would you never leave home without?
Let's see, purse, makeup, earrings, various bracelets...
Bow tie

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