The Nellis Guy Personality Quiz!
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The Nellis Guy Personality Quiz!

You've been to Nellis Lodge. You've seen their house. You've met the guys that live there. You've been to their website. You've signed their guestbook too! You may have even enjoyed their crazy pseudo-frat parties. But have you figured out which Nellis guy you are most like? Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1:   How do you spend your weekday afternoons?
Watching movies
Give RD's death threats
Doing anything but studying
At class or at work
Either walking or hanging out with someone amazing

Question 2:   It's Wednesday night (open hours). Where are you, and what are you doing?
At home wishing I was able to have someone to visit or have visit
Being the backup RA on duty in Clarke Hall
Being alone and bored
Doing homework like a big loser
At Nellis until 9, then off to Kerr till midnight

Question 3:   My hometown is most like...
A snowy yet sandy area near a body of water
A mix of great outdoors with the hustle of a city and building like a city too
A thriving metropolis of activity and enjoyment
A small town that has one traffic light

Question 4:   You spent your last summer...
Doing yardwork and hanging out with friends
Selling hot dogs, bagging groceries, leading a small group, and taking a Biology class
Cutting grass, trimming bushes, blowing leaves, sweating, etc.
Working with youth in middle earth (Indian County)
Causing ruckus and running from cops

Question 5:   What song are you listening to right now?
3 Doors Down - Here Without You
braveSaintSaturn - Daylight
The Muppets - Marley and Marley
Relient K - Sadies Hawkins Dance
Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings

Question 6:   What king of pajamas do you wear?
Old T-Shirt and windpants
Boxers (underwear)
Ninja ones
Flesh - colored
Kirk Cameron T-shirt and SpongeBob pants

Question 7:   How would you describe yourself?
Tall, dark, and handsome...and all that junk
Big nerd
Mostly quiet and serious with a crazy streak
Goofy with a serious side
An all-around swell guy

Question 8:   Your ideal girl...
A smart, caring, committed Christian
The crazier the better
A brunette Cinderella, among other things ;)
26-34-26...only if she's 5'3"
A God-loving girl who loves to goof around

Question 9:   What color eyes do you have?
Galvin-eyes.....GALVINIZE! get it?
Chameleon (depending on what I'm wearing)
Green, blue, red (when I'm CRAZY...or in a picture)

Question 10:   In three years, I want to...
Working in a youth ministry and married
Live with over one-hundred guys and my wife
Be retired living in the Poconos
Naked knee deep in tofu
Still be in school and be married

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