Which Anita Blake Character Are You?
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Which Anita Blake Character Are You?


Question 1:   Describe your personality, please.
I'm short, but dangerous.
I'm sexy, and manipulative.
I'm idealistic.
I'm hurt. I'm a good person.

Question 2:   Pick a color.
I like a lot of earthy colors.
black or white. mostly.
black or white.
red, navy, or black.

Question 3:   If someone captured your friends.....
.... I'd ask someone to back me up. I'd then capture them, but not kill them.
My friends can handle themselves.
Who can capture Anita?
There'd be trouble. Big trouble.
Who would want to capture them? They'd be a fool.

Question 4:   What's your sob story?
Sob stories are for losers. Suck it up, and move on.
My appearance.
My life.
My partner cheated on me, but I still love them.
My relationship with my partner.

Question 5:   What are people most likely to call you behind your back?
an effeminate idealistic jerk. Among other things...
whipped, manipulative, and monochromatic. Nothing too bad.
no one calls me anything...they're all dead...
hypocritical, selfish, bitchy, etc.
hideous, pitiful. Nothing but the usual.

Question 6:   Why does everyone hate you?
Well, I was unable to save someone I loved, I'm unable to have multiple partners, etc.
Gosh, when I do what they want, I become the bad guy...
-sighs- The list is neverending.
I keep too many secrets. I'm also competitive.
Most people don't know or acknowledge me.

Question 7:   What's a good present?
A nice stuffed penguin....I mean... a weapon...
Leather, silk, velvet, anything black or white.
Tickets to a musical. Or a video of a musical. Or a camping trip.

Question 8:   What's a hobby?
Camping, watching musicals, and being in nature.
Invading the dreams of my lover, and reminiscing with friends.
Not many hobbies. I kill. I pretend.
I'm usually too busy. Saving people, raising the dead, etc.
I think.

Question 9:   What is a weird or unknown fact about you?
I enjoy stuffed penguins. I also can raise the dead, heal, channel energy, etc.
I have an alias. That alias has a fiancée and two kids.
I wasn't always this powerful.
I have a gun.

Question 10:   What are you?
I am a vampire.
I am a necromancer, leopard queen, formerly a wolf queen, and much more.
I am human. An assassin to be exact.
I am a wolf king.
I am a vampire. Master of the City to be correct.

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