Which 'Usual Suspect' are you?
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Which 'Usual Suspect' are you?

This is a quiz to decide which character from 'The Usual Suspects' you are.

Question 1:   What is your favorite hobby?
Mocking the NYPD
Going straight after years of being a dirty cop
Getting punks like you to crack
Making up elaborate stories

Question 2:   What do you normally have for breakfast?
Cold pizza
Coffee and a donut

Question 3:   If someone were going to expose you, how would you stop them?
Make sure he/she was never heard from again
Bash his/her head in with a wrench
Stage an elaborate heist on a yacht and then set it on fire
Bring him/her down with me

Question 4:   Which of the following jobs appeals most to you?
Tough cop
World-renowned and extremely feared criminal
Seedy lawyer
Heist organizer

Question 5:   Who is your best friend?
My superior
A lawyer who does my bidding
My girlfriend, whom I am using
An unintelligible Hispanic crime partner

Question 6:   When you die, what would be engraved on your headstone?
Here lies the toughest SOB that ever lived
Get outta here!
If you cross me, I'll kill you
Here lies the most feared man on the planet

Question 7:   How do you like your coffee?
Black, like my soul
Thick and gritty, like my appearance
Sweet, like my girlfriend
In your face, sucker!

Question 8:   How do your friends see you?
They know I'm someone not to be toyed with
I'm like the Joker: funny but dangerous
They fear me
I don't have any friends, 'cuz I'm just that tough

Question 9:   Who is your lover?
My work, which is revenge
My work, which is justice
My love of money and humor
My girlfriend, a lawyer whom I am using

Question 10:   Where do you spend most of your time?
My girlfriend's apartment
The wrong side of the tracks
My place of work
A foreign country, which I rule by fear

This Quiz has been designed by Kip Mooney.