Which Charlie's Angel are you?
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Which Charlie's Angel are you?

See which Charlie's angel you are. Trust me this is really cool!

Question 1:   What are your favorite colors?
Red, Black
Pink, Purple
Blue, Black

Question 2:   What clothes do you wear?
Loose clothes and usually punk
Shiny sparkly clothes and dresses
Usually black leather

Question 3:   What job would you like to be assigned?
Fake instructor
Bribe people with looks
Chase bad guys (cars, motorcycles)

Question 4:   What is your talent?
looks and likes bad guys
Brains of the group
Dancing and a party girl

Question 5:   Who would be your boyfriend?
Luke Wilson
Sam Rockwell, Tom Green
Matt LeBlonc

Question 6:   In the first movie when they are rescuing Bosley, What would be your ideal job?
Getting rid of Vivian Wood
Destroying the satellite
Getting rid of Eric Knox

Question 7:   What would be your line that you say?
"It might be the chad."
"Hey I liked that guy!"
"I heard that."

Question 8:   What does your Boyfriend say to you in the movie?
Good morning star fish
Is this a bad time for you?
Where you in there when this happened?/ Charlie... He's a chick right?

Question 9:   What is one of your favorite past times?
Smoking in the bathroom, sleeping with guys, driving monster trucks
Dancing, school mascot, Student driver
gymnastics, horseback riding, chess

Question 10:   What are common words that come out of your mouth?
I like big butts and I cannot lie- It's just # 1
The best things in life are free- flip your god damn hair
I'm coming undone- I love rock and roll

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