Which His Dark Materials Character Are You?
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Which His Dark Materials Character Are You?

Find out which character from Phillip Pullman's amazing series you are most alike.

Question 1:   What kind of clothing do you prefer?
Something dark and imposing looking
Jeans and a t-shirt, you know, normal teen clothing
Practical, almost boyish clothing
Dresses, stylish in every possible way

Question 2:   What would your daemon be?
a ferret/weasel like animal
a monkey
I make my own soul
a small feline or canine
a large feline or canine

Question 3:   Which world would you most like to visit?
anywhere I would be respected and given a position of power
Lyra's world
all of them, i must rule them ALL
Will's world (ours)
Svalbard in Lyra's world

Question 4:   What is your favorite food or drink?
whatever happens to be the latest rage
a whole seal

Question 5:   Your friends would most likely describe you as...
strong, untiring, unpredictable and charming
scrappy, challenging, cunning and brave
sly, secretive, smart and resourceful
loyal, courageous, prepared and helpful
powerful, aloof, silent and forceful

Question 6:   Which job would you most prefer?
an actor/actress
a scientist
a detective
an explorer
a king/queen

Question 7:   Who is your favorite minor character in the series?
Staninslaus Grumman
Lee Scoresby
the nurse with the white dog
Asriel's butler

Question 8:   Which creatures interest you the most?
any that cause Dust
my own kind

Question 9:   Your weapon of choice...
to travel between words
the truth
devices of my own construction
cunning and wit
my own strength

Question 10:   Which daemon do you believe you are most like?
the golden monkey

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