What Destiny Series Character are you?
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What Destiny Series Character are you?

To find out what Destiny Series Character you are just take the following Quiz! :D

Question 1:What do you do in your Spare time?
I do normal stuff, like play sports and such.
I go to the shooting range.
I sleep.
I practice looking cool.
I don't have spare time.

Question 2:When Confronted by a problem You tend to....
Try and solve it.
Try and eliminate it.
Give up.
Try and solve it but usually fail.
Get someone else to solve it.

Question 3:What weapon would you fight with if you had to fight?
A sword.
A gun.
A rather large stick.
Your fists
A nuclear missile.

Question 4:Love....
I s a great and wonderful thing once you've found the right person.
What about it? It's cool...
Is pointless.
With love comes babies. Babies suck.
No longer in your life, nor will it ever be again.

Question 5:Your worst feature is....
Your darkside
Your impulsiveness
Your lack of Ambition
You're too nice.
Your utter apathy towards others.

Question 6:Why are you taking this test?
I'm just wondering what the answer will be.
Why not?
You told me to.
I want to learn about myself
I have no real reason, I'm just bored.

Question 7:What's your idea of an ideal saturday night?
Hanging out with friends at home.
Going out with friends.
Watching TV/Reading a book
Doing nothing, really.

Question 8:If you could be any animal what would you be?
A tiger.
Any type of bird...
An armadillo
A gorilla
A spider

Question 9:What would you do if you had a Billion dollars?
I'd give some of it to charity
I'd fly to Bermuda and live the good life for a long time.
I'd fix up my house and stuff...
I would invest it.
How did I get this money?

Question 10:People usually think when they see me...
'Wow, that kid's got potential!'
'We're not going to get mugged, are we?'
's/he Looks scruffy.'
I'm non-descript, no one thinks anything special about me.

Question 11:How would you choose to die, if you had to choose?
Quickly and painlessly.
Having sex with lots of beautiful women/men.
In my sleep.
In a fight.
If I had to die I'd want to take as many people down with me, as possible.

Question 12:Thunderstorms....
Are good.
Don't affect my life one way or the other.
I don't like to be wet, but if I don't have to deal with them then they're okay.
Are fun to play in.
Are beautiful, yet destructive forces of nature.

Question 13:What's your opinion on War?
I don't like it, but sometimes something has to be done.
War is cool. Shooting stuff and killing people!
I dislike it.
War means death. Death isn't ever a good thing.
War is necessary.

Question 14:What motivates you to continue to live?
Knowing that life is great even if it has it's low points.
The fact that I don't want to die.
The fear of death...
I dunno.
The need for redemption.

Question 15:What do you consider yourself to be in the general scheme of things?
A hero.
A cool dude.
Nothing special.
An onlooker.
The only star in a world full of night.

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