Which Saved By the Bell Girl Are You?
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Which Saved By the Bell Girl Are You?

Are you Jessie, Kelly, Lisa, or Tori? Find out here!

Question 1:Happiness is...
Being loved by the people around you
The feeling you get when you've made straight A's
The feeling you get when you are at the mall
Having the love and respect of those you care about dearly

Question 2:You would most likely freak out over...
A zit
Getting a 'B'
Having to wear a non-trendy outfit to school
Your parents forbidding you to do something you really want

Question 3:In school, you are...
Very popular
Among the top students
The gossip queen
a geek...you don't exactly have the most friends, but you keep those who are your friends dearest to you

Question 4:In your spare time, you...
Go to the movies
Study...gotta work hard to be class valedictorian
Shop...it's all about maxin' out daddy's credit cards
Engage in a hobby of yours...like singing, playing an instrument, acting...

Question 5:Pick the one you want to be the most.
A doctor
A lawyer
A fashion designer
A singer

Question 6:Pick the Saved By the Bell guy that you would want to date the most.
Zack - I'm into bad boys with good looks.
Slater - I like them macho and athletic
I can get my own dates, thank you very much.
Screech - I've got an eye for the smart, geeky type.

Question 7:You catch a guy checking you out. What is going through your mind?
We can converse, but the dating part can start only after we get to know each other.
One shouldn't like a girl based on her looks. That's prejudiced.
I should go for it. What have I got to lose?
Um...why would he want me? He can have any girl he wants.

Question 8:You would most likely be jealous of...
A girl your boyfriend was flirting with
Someone who is trying to steal your spotlight
Someone with the latest designer jeans
A girl who was hitting on your man

Question 9:What's your look?
Casual, and a bit on the sporty side.
Casual, yet refined.
Whatever's in style.
I like to dress up.

Question 10:Which after-school activity best suits you?
Softball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, or any other sport
Student Council, Debate Team, or anything where I can speak my mind
Art Club...it's all about expressing my creativity
Glee Club...music lights up my world.

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