Which Saved By the Bell Guy Are You?
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Which Saved By the Bell Guy Are You?

Question 1:You would most likely get in trouble for...
Mooning a teacher
Dumping tea bags in the school's swimming pool
Aiding and abetting someone

Question 2:What clique do you belong into?

Question 3:Describe your dating life...
Ha! I'll be lucky if I get a date.
I date on and off
I go steady with one person.

Question 4:Your friends get pissed off at you for...
Being chauvinistic
Being dorky
Being selfish

Question 5:How many friends do you have?
Surprisingly, I have a few.

Question 6:Which sport best fits you?

Question 7:What do you do in your spare time?
Come up with schemes in order to get what I want.
Play sports
Science experiments

Question 8:Your best friend is...
The person who usually bosses me around
The person who does whatever I want them to
My pet or someone I've known for a long time

Question 9:You can't stand it when...
People have more money than me.
People are always depending on me to do things for them.
Girls are better than me at things.

Question 10:You like girls that are...
Whatever...any girl will do. I'm lucky if I get any girl at all.

Question 11:How are your grades?
Low...very low
Mediocre or a mix of everything

Question 12:How are your standardized test scores?
Off the charts
Above average

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