What TV Show Are You?
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What TV Show Are You?

What well-known TV show are you? Funny and light-hearted Friends, serious The West Wing?

Question 1:What do you do at a party?
Get drunk and be wild!
Dance all Night
Talk with a friend
Stand near the wall

Question 2:Do you like roller coasters?
How can you not?
Most of the time
Sometimes I will ride one
I don't do roller coasters.

Question 3:What grades did you get in school?
Straight A's
Bs or Cs
Ds and Fs
I don't remember!

Question 4:What do you do on Fridays?
Go to the wildest party around and get drunk
Drive around the city with friends
Watch the Friday Night Line Up

Question 5:Where could you most likely be found?
Naked in a Hot Tub
At A Kareoke Club
Home Alone
Doing Work

Question 6:Do You Drink?
Every chance I get, baby!
Yes, occasionally
Sometimes, but only wine

Question 7:What Religion Are You?
I dunno
Let Me Check
Pretty Sure I'm ______
A Definite _____

Question 8:What do you do on the internet?
Listen to stand-up comics
Post at message boards
Latest Stock Options

Question 9:How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
0-15 minutes
15-30 minutes
30-45 minutes
Over an Hour

Question 10:How many friends do you have?
Over 50
About 10, I like to keep it small
Only 1-10

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