What tv show do you belong in?
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What tv show do you belong in?

Which tv show do you belong in? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:When you are overcome by a problem you:
Swear aloud and ignore it.
Go to your sisters to ask for help.
Ask your mum.
Think about it yourself.

Question 2:After school or work you like to:
Go home to do more work.
Go straight home and do homework.
I work at home.
Go to a cafe and do homework while waiting for mum.

Question 3:You live with:
Your mum, dad and two brothers.
Your mum, dad and brother.
Your two sisters.
Your mum.

Question 4:You like to dress:
Casual and comfy
Cool and unique
Trendy and comfy

Question 5:Your friends are mostly:
Witches and Demons

Question 6:Your make-up bag consists of:
Natural make-up
Vibrant colours and black eyeliner
Mostly natural with some brighter colours.

Question 7:Your mobile ring tone is:
Shut up by Kelly Osbourne
Independent Women by Destinys Child
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman by Britney Spears
Boss of Me by The Mighty Bostones

Question 8:The movie that is burning your VCR is:
Big Fat Liar
The Craft
Ever After
The Sweetest Thing

Question 9:On your keyring is:
The Power of 3 Symbol
A high heel platform
Don't have a keyring
A pretty flower

Question 10:Your favourite food is:
Something spicy
Pizza and Pasta
Anything healthy and energy full
Chocolate and take away

Question 11:Your favourite colour is:
Hot Pink
I don't care
Pale pink, blue and purple
Red, black and white

Question 12:Your favourite thing to do at night is:
Go to a club
Stay at home with the family.
Torment your brothers and sleep
Go out to dinner or the movies or do something at home with mum

Question 13:Your favourite drink is:
Water and orange juice
A fancy cocktail and tea
Anything with alcohol in it

Question 14:The best way to relax is:
Play the computer or playstation or watch tv
Do a facial, manicure, etc.
Go out for a coffee

Question 15:Your personality is best described as:
Cool and nice
Sweet and charming

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