Which Old Sitcom are you?
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Which Old Sitcom are you?

Take this test to see which old sitcom suits you best.

Question 1:What type of sitcom would most interest you?
Magical sitcom
Adventurous sitcom
A situation comedy
A comedy with a high school setting
Scary sitcom

Question 2:Where do you feel most comfortable?
On stage/ acting or singing
In dark places/ haunted house
At work
Outdoors/ camping or fishing
At school with your friends

Question 3:How would you describe your friends?
We are always working together to get things done
I prefer spending time with my family
I don't have many friends, but the ones I do have are very loyal
We see each other all the time and always support one another
We are always thinking of crazy ideas

Question 4:Which of the following describes you best?
Fun, but sometimes crazy

Question 5:What do you do when you are in a "sticky situation?"
I rack my brain for ideas to solve my problem
I worry, and with that things turn out the right way
My friends and I work together to solve the problem
I think logically
I tell my friends, they always know what to do

Question 6:What role do you take when working in groups?
I always get involved, but I never take the initiative
I am more of a leader
I am diligent and always do my best
I don't like working in groups
I tend to go along with the group (my friends)

Question 7:What do you enjoy doing in the summer?
I like going on vacation
I hang out with my friends and we do fun things together
I do the same things; it seems like everyday is summer
I am always working
I try and find shade, I don't like the sun

Question 8:What do you typically do to get ready in the morning?
My wardrobe consists of mostly the same attire
I don't have many accessories, but I cope with what I have
I always try to look professional
I spend a lot of time on my hair, but everything else is pretty easy
I always try to look my best and be sophisticated

Question 9:Which characteristics do you wish you had or could have?
I wish I could be more popular
I wish I had more strength and endurance
I wish I could be more daring and take risks
I wish I wasn't so outspoken
I wish I was magical

Question 10:What is your favorite holiday or time of the year?
My birthday

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