Starfleet Captains Quiz
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Starfleet Captains Quiz

Which of the big 4 Star Trek Captains are you most like? Take this quick test to find out!

Question 1:Who would you leave your dog with?
Your latest boyfriend/girlfriend on a weird and wonderful planet
Your brother and his family in France
Your dad in New Orleans
Your boyfriend/girlfriend in the Alpha Quadrant

Question 2:Which BeeGees song describes your command?
You Win Again
Stayin' Alive

Question 3:What do you admire in a first officer?
Pointy ears and no sense of humor
A beard and a uniform that's been welded to their body
A ridged nose and a slinky alien uniform
A sexy tattoo and pointy sideburns

Question 4:Which would be your ideal Chief Engineer?
An irritated Scotsman
A laid-back blind dude
A cheerful Irishman
A hot tempered Klingon

Question 5:What books do you like?
Action/adventure with a big romance thrown in.
Something philosophical
A Creole cookbook
A nice classic, by an inspirational woman/man.

Question 6:You meet the Borg. What do you do?
Look heroic as you gun them down with your phaser
Get assimilated. D'oh
Bore them into submission
Disconnect a drone and make it your personal slave

Question 7:You have first contact with a new alien race. What do you do?
Attempt to seduce the most human looking male/female on the planet
Enter it into the log like a good little commanding officer
Tail them suspiciously
Invite them back to the ship, so you can play gracious host and get a few medals

Question 8:Who would be your ideal doctor?
A crotchety old soul, who you have a fondness for
A intelligent redhead, juggling work and family
A young graduate, with enhance brain power
A hologram, programmed with the latest medical technology

Question 9:Which alien race is your favorite?
The Betazoids. The celebrators of love.
The Romulans. Their intellect never ceases to amaze you.
The Bajorans. They call you the Emissary of their Gods.
The Klingons. You sympathize with their wives.

Question 10:Who would be your worst date?
Elaan of Troyus, the queen with the pheromone tears
The Borg Queen, the girl who offers a permanent solution to loneliness
Fenna, the psychological projection who didn't really exist
Some weird alien guy called Jaffen

Question 11:Which Quadrant would you most like to live in?

Question 12:What would be your ideal situation?
Going where no man or woman has gone before
Patrolling the borders
On a waystation between two Quadrants
Lost in a strange region of space

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