Which Survivor All Star are you?
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Which Survivor All Star are you?

With which of the All Stars do you most identify? Are you the hypersensitive Rupert? The comical Big Tom? The brawny Alicia? The fierce Boston Rob? Or are you Tina, everyone's favorite soccer mom? Survivors ready... CLICK!

Question 1:   What type of movie could you most see yourself being cast in?
Action / adventure
Wild Western
Young adults
Family comedy / drama
Political drama

Question 2:   What is your favorite color?

Question 3:   What personal effect would be the first item you'd consider taking on a Survivor challenge?
A board game
A hair-care product
A ball of some type
A child's toy
An animal skin

Question 4:   What challenge do you see yourself having the most trouble with?
Anything involving balance
Gross-out food
Anything requiring a cool head
Mental strategy

Question 5:   What hat would you be most likely to wear in the summer?
A straw fedora
60s-style newsboy
A bucket cap
I hardly ever wear one
A baseball cap, of course!

Question 6:   What's your favorite Survivor zinger?
"I will always wave my finger in your face!"
"This ain't no little boys' game!"
"What's a mother to do?"
"He didn't see it comin'."

Question 7:   What section of the music store are you most likely to be seen in?
Pop / Rock
Gospel / Christian
Black Artists
Bluegrass / Country
Hip Hop / Alternative

Question 8:   What is the most important element in the game of Survivor?
Building shelter
Fishing / hunting
Maintaining sanity
Making fire

Question 9:   What would you miss most about home once you made it into the Survivor experience?
Beauty treatments
My pets
My job
My favorite meals

Question 10:   You have been most often described by your peers as a...
Good ol' boy / girl
Big kid

Question 11:   Someone on the other tribe has announced (s)he is quitting because of a family issue. What is your reaction?
"I wouldn't have come in the first place if it were my own family."
A silent, stony stare
"Stay well."
"I'll finish the game first; plenty of time to pay my respects later."
You hug him / her like your own kid

Question 12:   Who is your least favorite male Survivor contestant ever?
Lex van der Berghe (Africa)
Jeff Varner (Outback)
Richard Hatch (Pulau Tiga)
Jon Dalton (Pearl Islands)
Rob Cesternino (Amazon)

Question 13:   And your least favorite female Survivor?
Michelle Tesauro (Pearl Islands)
Jenna Morasca (Amazon)
Kathy Vavrick O'Brien (Marquesas)
Kimmi Kappenberg (Outback)
Jerri Manthey (Outback)

Question 14:   A former Sole Survivor is on your tribe, and the merge hasn't come yet. What do you do?
Depends on whether or not I'm in an alliance with 'em
Wait until just before the halfway point to lose 'em
Wait until you win a crucial food reward
Target the guy pronto!
Feel out any alliances and see where the cards fall

Question 15:   You have now earned the right to cast the last ouster vote of the entire game. How do you decide who joins you in the finals?
How much do the others like or respect them?
Did I make the right choice by winning the challenge?
Can I actually win by telling the truth?
Who's the better public speaker?
Who's less objectionable?

Question 16:   You're on the jury. What is the basis of the question you plan on throwing the finalists?
Has this experience enriched you in any way since the last time?
Why does the other player not deserve the cash?
Doesn't matter; I've already made up my mind
Whom would you swap for yourself in the final?
Where do you see yourself in a year?

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