Which "Next Step" Character Am I?

So, you must be a big fan of The Next Step, since you're checking out my quiz! And I am guessing you have a favorite character, one you admire - and maybe even think you're like.

Which one is it? Are you Emily, Riley, West, James, or Michelle? Find out now!

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    Which of these words best describes you?
    Which of these words best describes you?

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228 days ago
hello guys that was easier than i thought
335 days ago
Did anyone get richele cuz I did
412 days ago
Mine is very long,

I am 30% Emily, 20% James, 20% Riley, 20% Michelle and 10% West
484 days ago
I got 70% Emily, and 30% Michelle, I love Emily and Michelle!
505 days ago
I love the next step
529 days ago
612 days ago
I love the next step it is really good :)
612 days ago
I got 50% riley 30% michelle and 20% emily
646 days ago
i got 100% Riley and she is my favorite
673 days ago
ye same eve and no offence but I tbink you mean twice
678 days ago
I’ve watched all next step seasons 2 times
686 days ago
Whoo! I got Riley! I really like her. I enjoyed the quiz but I only watched season 1 so I needed to be careful.
700 days ago
I got 50% Emily 0%Michelle 0%James 10%west 40% Riley
754 days ago
I got Riley! To be honest I really love and relate to her!
785 days ago
I got Emily then i got Riley
794 days ago
I’m Emily whoop whoop
794 days ago
30 percent Emily,20 percent James, Riley and Michelle and and 10 percent west yippee
794 days ago
I am mostly emily then James then Riley then Michelle then west!
847 days ago
I got 50% Emily, 20% Riley, 10% James, 10% West and 10% Michelle which I am really happy with
851 days ago
Hi I got most Riley