Are you a TommyInnit or a Tubbo? Quiz

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Are you a funny, disk-obsessed child or a bee-loving caring child? This quick quiz will determine whether your the Tommy or Tubbo of your and your friend's relationship! (DreamSMP)

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    Are you the 'class clown' or the 'hyperactive kid'?
    Are you the 'class clown' or the 'hyperactive kid'?

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188 days ago
I got none but I feel like I'm either both or more a Tommy than a Tubbo lmao
303 days ago
I'm a tubbo pretty accurate šŸ‘Œ
309 days ago
im non of them i am always left out sadly
351 days ago
Bruhhhh I got neither
354 days ago
It says i have no friends which is almost true i have *screams 2* friends. GeT iT rIgHt
381 days ago
Iā€™m A Tommyinnit
384 days ago
384 days ago
394 days ago
I hate this never ever try this it says I have no friend so if you want to be mad then do this but it is still trash šŸ‘暟‘暟˜”šŸ˜”
410 days ago
Tommy I have a question
410 days ago
Hello :)
434 days ago
446 days ago
neither this is very true i have no friends and i just watch dsmp or tiktok all day(aka i have no life)
450 days ago
Tubbo-also im dislexica aswell(corect me if i spel wrong)
451 days ago
Hi I'm Gorgenotfound's cousin. You might think that I'm lying but you can ask him in his next stream
573 days ago
I love tommy but, Tubbo is more like me! :)
577 days ago
ermm im from the midlands i dont know what to put?
671 days ago
i got tubbo! its actually rlly acurate lmao XDDDDDD