Which Norris Nut Are You?

If you're a true fan of the Norris Nuts, you undoubtedly have a favorite Norris. This quiz will reveal if you're that Norris or one of the others. They're all great, so you can't get a bad result! See if you're the Norris you think, or another Norris altogether! Please share with your Norris Nut-loving buds!

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    Which of these colours do you like best?
    Which of these colours do you like best?

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5 days ago
I am Biggy I am the same as him anyway
6 days ago
I'm buggy! I really like him anyways.
15 days ago
I’m Naz!
I love each NN equally so I don’t rlly mind
15 days ago
Hey Norris nuts,
If your reading this, please note that I love you guys sooo much!
I have your merch
19 days ago
Who r the Norris nuts? I have heard of them and my brother is obsessed with them! He made me take this quiz lol 😂

I got sabre and I searched up what she looks like and she is so cute 🥰
19 days ago
I got Nazzy Noodle 50%
19 days ago
Hi sockie! Hi love NN and I’m a huge legend! I have messaged Sabre before and it turns out she was a fake 😭so want to meet u it’s my dream to meet you and you know how much I care about you and I will always love you so much and tell sabre she’s is beautiful
21 days ago
Oh btw Norris nuts I want to meet you so much and I would really like it if you replied it would make my day and it would be the best day ever especially if I saw you
21 days ago
Hi to all the Norris Nuts I watch so much of your videos and I wish I could like them but I don’t have an account or I have to sign in but I would if I could your videos are so awesome I love them and I think that you guys should just not worry about the people that are posting mean comments they just aren’t being nice so they are just rude because none of there comments are true
24 days ago
hi Sockie/ Sabre/Biggy/Naz/Abbie
Sockie we both have blue eyes and like panda and also like Harry Potter my cousin birthday is the same day as you

Sabre both birthday are in January both capricorn

Biggy both like Tuxamny we both have january birthdays

Naz both like bunnies and like pink

Abbie both like norris nuts
29 days ago
I love u Abbie ur so good like omg
29 days ago
Hi Abbie i watch your live and I'm NAZZY
29 days ago
I would love if u could respond thank you love u bye
29 days ago
Hi Norris nuts I love Winky and I don’t think it’s replacing bubba as she would want you to be happy. I support you no matter what as legends stick together through think and thin. And to all the people who are being mean stop because you wouldn’t like it. Love you guys so much Norris nuts.

Love Jess

34 days ago
I was both 1 year after n a z
34 days ago
I love you I can't sub to you but I am a legend
34 days ago
I am has and bitty I am a girl
35 days ago
Hi i love u guys video
47 days ago
Hey Legends,

I am sure you all heard about the tragic accident that happened to our poor little Bubba Norris. Even though her life was cut short doesn't mean we can't celebrate her life. Bubba made me realise how lucky I am to be here today. Thank you to all the people writing nice comments on our video. To all the people who have been writing stuff like "Justin is so dumb and stupid" and "You guys didn't even deserve Bubba after what you did to her" and "It would be better if you guys didn't even get Bubba" also "When Brooke said you should get a new puppy, what did you's think, did you just kill Bubba to get a new dog?" Could you please stop being so mean in the comments, we would turn back time to stop what happened if we could.

Love you Legends

-Sockie Norris

RIP Bubba Norris
50 days ago
My birthday is November 12 so I'm 4 days younger than naz