How Athletic Am I? 🏃‍♂️ Sports Quiz

Couch Potato or total Jock? What trophy will you carry home today?
If you pride yourself on being sporty, this is the test for you. If you're not all that into sport, try this just for fun. You might be surprised at your result! At the end you'll find out how athletic you are on a scale of one (couch potato or similar) to 10 (total jock)!
Want to prove how athletic you are? This is the test to do it with!
Ready, set, GO!

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    Do/did you take part in school sports?
    Do/did you take part in school sports?

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21 hours ago
do hockey people it got me dynamo of athleticam
21 hours ago
dynamo of athleticiam i love my liife
16 days ago
Every week I find out a girl has a crush on me
31 days ago
Got It's clear as crystal - you are a dynamo of athleticism!
36 days ago
hi i got dynamo of athleticism!
64 days ago
Am going into 6th soon and I got Very athletic!
136 days ago
Very athletic. I love sports so It was probably guaranteed. Pretty good for a year 6 girl. Most the boys (some of the boys don't pay attention to me) think I'm pretty good.
150 days ago
Fairly athletic. Pretty good for a tall, clumsy, skinny nerd
163 days ago
volleyball libero in an academy for 8 months now.

fairly athletic.
196 days ago
is this what you kids be on every single day disgrace
240 days ago
rep volleyball player here

You are not really athletic at all.
263 days ago
Is there a option for I'll f@#k anyone up in a fight my age
278 days ago
Could I beat someone up? Never tried.
305 days ago
i swim, do martial arts, play volleyball, and run cross country but what does beating someone up havta do with athleticism
311 days ago
I'm a girl and I play soccer. I'm that girl who gets fouled by the other team to get my off the field. I've played on girls teams and I now play on a all boys team.
I need some advice about being on an all boys team
460 days ago
im a girl i have anger issues and i beat up a boy few days ago soooo...
531 days ago
smart boi me verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry athletic
585 days ago
Just because you take part in several sports does not mean you will exceed. Atheletes who generally exceed engage in large amounts of training in a single sport. Take cycling for an example, Pros need to do 24hours+ they dont have time for other sports.
594 days ago
I do basketball,Baseball,Football,Soccer,and Hockey.
613 days ago
I do basketball, volleyball,swimming and gymnastics