How Athletic Am I?🏃‍♂️ The Quiz

If you pride yourself on being sporty, this is the test for you. If you're not all that into sport, try this just for fun. You might be surprised at your result! At the end you'll find out how athletic you are on a scale of one (couch potato or similar) to 10 (total jock).
So start this 'Am I an athlete? test' now.

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    Do/did you take part in school sports?
    Do/did you take part in school sports?

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6 days ago
i swim, do martial arts, play volleyball, and run cross country but what does beating someone up havta do with athleticism
12 days ago
I'm a girl and I play soccer. I'm that girl who gets fouled by the other team to get my off the field. I've played on girls teams and I now play on a all boys team.
I need some advice about being on an all boys team
160 days ago
im a girl i have anger issues and i beat up a boy few days ago soooo...
232 days ago
smart boi me verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry athletic
285 days ago
Just because you take part in several sports does not mean you will exceed. Atheletes who generally exceed engage in large amounts of training in a single sport. Take cycling for an example, Pros need to do 24hours+ they dont have time for other sports.
295 days ago
I do basketball,Baseball,Football,Soccer,and Hockey.
313 days ago
I do basketball, volleyball,swimming and gymnastics
525 days ago
Okay so I have played Basketball, soccer, cross country, hockey, Lacrosse, and kinda volleyball and kinda baseball (not really the last two because me and my class all had to do it for class). BUT NOW all of a sudden I'm beginning to not like sports. I honestly don't know what to do and I'm in a life crisis :).
537 days ago
I do Soccer Basketball, and volleyball
537 days ago
Uhh why does wanting muscles have to do with being athletic????
539 days ago
I do football,cross country track basketball baseball tennis
562 days ago
could you beat somebody up hmmmmm heck yes :)
593 days ago
DO you care about your muscular look LOL
593 days ago
I like to be athletic and do fun races and callenges
652 days ago
I swim to its great!!! Right???
652 days ago
If your athletic why is your name I'm tired
656 days ago
i swim so these don't rlly apply to me but i am athletic
727 days ago
Haha I got profile A. i KNew i was very athletic but i just have fun taking these quizzes. Im a state champ wrestler and im nationally ranked lol
893 days ago
I love 49ers I will be a 49er fan itell i die
925 days ago
I am athletic. I hit the winning triple in the softball championships! This thing said that I am not too athletic for 8%.