How Athletic Am I?🏃‍♂️ The Quiz

If you pride yourself on being sporty, this is the test for you. If you're not all that into sport, try this just for fun. You might be surprised at your result! At the end you'll find out how athletic you are on a scale of one (couch potato or similar) to 10 (total jock).
So start this 'Am I an athlete? test' now.

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    Do/did you take part in school sports?
    Do/did you take part in school sports?

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2117 days ago
This test was so wrong one of the things said I don't play to win but I play to win and have fun
2244 days ago
i want to participate in atheletics for running.
2497 days ago
I'm 100% athletic yes!!!!!!!!!!! But your athletic in your own way!!!!