What NBA superstar are you?
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What NBA superstar are you?

Are you a big time dunker or a assist man! Find out in our quiz!

Question 1:If you had a fast break opportunity, would you...
Dish it to a cutting player
Slam it down with authority
Lay it in
Call Timeout

Question 2:If you were guarding a guy 6 inches taller than you would you...
Let him shoot over you
Jump up real high and try to block it
ask for a defensive switch
Try to draw a charge

Question 3:If your team won the NBA championship would you...
Reach up to try and pull down the net
Go to the store and buy champagne
Say calmly We did it
Pile on top of the coach

Question 4:If you missed a lay in would you...
Go onto the bench and cry
Cuss loudly
Scream at the ref
Hustle back on defense

Question 5:If you were playing Yao Ming one-on-one how would you beat him?
Go between his legs
Go get some Gatorade
School him

Question 6:If you were playing at your house would you...
Practice layins
Invite Shaq over
Work on free throws
Set the hoop down to 6 feet

Question 7:What kind of basketball do you prefer?
Street ball
Video games
Organized 5 on 5
Watching it on TV

Question 8:What is your favorite team?
LA Lakers
Dallas Mavericks
None of These
Portland Blazers

Question 9:Do you collect Basketball cards?
No Its not my thing
A little bit
What are basketball cards
Yes I love them

Question 10:If you were at an all-star game would you rather be in...
The 3 point shootout
The Actual Game
The Dunk contest
The Rookie Challenge

Question 11:If the game was on the line would you...
Coolly take the game winning jumper
Dish it off
Pretend to be hurt
Draw the foul

Question 12:Who is your favorite NBA player?
Kobe Bryant
Dirk Nowitzki
Shaquille O'Neal
Kevin Garnett

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