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Which NBA Player Do I Play Most Like?

So you love basketball and everything about it. You even play - and pretty well, you'd like to think. So which NBA player do you play most like? Find out now by answering all 10 questions of my quiz! You might already have a certain player in mind - but get ready to possibly be surprised at your result!

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Comments (29)


52 days ago
I got Kobe Bryant!!!! Thats cool!
191 days ago
I got a combination of iggy,dwight howard and anthony davis.That would be so cheesy!
478 days ago
No way!!! I'm Kobe Bryant;) to bad he's dead;(
533 days ago
igot john wall its cool
661 days ago
Got AD that’s cool
695 days ago
I got Dwight howard
700 days ago
60% kobe sure he's great BUT IM A CELTICS FAN!
710 days ago
I got andre igoudala
847 days ago
I got John Wallpaper and 40% Kobe
848 days ago
I got Andre Igoudala
1002 days ago
Andre #defense tho im a lot shorterthan average lmao thank you though this might help me
1073 days ago
i want russell Westbrook
1073 days ago
i dont want john wall
1087 days ago
It’s not sheff it’s chef
1087 days ago
Sheff curry in the kitchen
1087 days ago
Best shooter of all time
1101 days ago
I’m a laker fan and I got KOBE BRYANT I am his biggest fan out there in the world
1123 days ago
I got Giannis actionthetapopumpo
1138 days ago
I got Konbe Bryan I’m not a big ball hog and I hate Kobe bryan and I like Stephen curry
1155 days ago
KOBEEEEEE Bryanttttttt