~*Do you have what it takes to be a W-S-S Cheerleader~*

We all see the cheerleaders at football games- but what is actually behind the short skirts and loud screaming? Find out if you have what it takes . ..

Question 1:How many push-ups can you do without stopping?
41 or higher

Question 2:What would you do if someone started throwing rocks at you because they didn't like your school?
Throw rocks back at them.
Keep walking ignoring what they were doing.
Yell every vulgar word you know- including butt head.
Kick their ass.
Run home crying.

Question 3:Does the following explanation make you nervous?- From the ground up two person Scorpion lib, with a double twist dismount.
What the hell?!
Depends on whether I have to do any of it.
Lord help me!
I could pull it off with my eyes closed.
I like cats.

Question 4:How well do you dance?
I have absolutely no rhythm.
I'm the freakin' lord of dance!
Fine as long as no one's watching.
Only when it's absolutely necessary.
You're kidding right?!

Question 5:How often would you expect to practice for a school team?
Once a week after school.
Two or three times a week after school
Two times a week after school and some kind of practice on the weekends.
Three times a week before and After school.
Only when it's football season.

Question 6:If you had worked incredibly hard at some kind of routine for a competition and you came in dead last- would you continue in that activity?
Hell yes! Now I know what I have to work on.
No, and I'd never try at anything ever again.
Depends on if my friends still wanted to be a part of it.
Only if I never had to go to a competition again.
Only after many hours of crying.

Question 7:How much of a tolerance do you have to pain?
Very high, I'm a machine!
Very little, I cry when I get a paper cut.
Moderate, I'm not inhuman, I do bleed.
Low, but I'd never let anyone know, I never complain.
High, but I milk it so everyone feels bad for me when I get hurt.

Question 8:What would you do if you were on a team with your worst enemy and were forced to work with them?
Put it all behind you for the time being, you can't let something so trivial get in the way.
You'd give them the silent treatment, but still work with them.
You'd throw a fit and scream 'I quit!'
You'd be bitter about it, but still remain somewhat polite.
You'd work with them ,but think up ways to make them look bad while doing it.

Question 9:Which is more important to you in a sport?
Personal achievement.
The title.
Making new friends.
Having something to do after school.

Question 10:If, in the middle of a routine you twisted your ankle, what would you do?
Fall on the ground and cry mercilessly.
Keep going and fall to the ground when the routine's over.
Try to keep going but realize how bad it is and hobble of the mats.
Keep going but cry the whole time, screwing up every one of your stunts.
No pain, no gain, you do better when you're hurt anyways.

Question 11:What is dedication to you?
Making a commitment to something and not letting anything come before it.
Only playing one sport.
Loving something enough to go to practice.
Something that's not needed where sports are concerned.
A major part in any sport or team.

Question 12:And finally, last but not least, how do you feel about categorizing cheerleading as a sport?
It just isn't.
It may be, but since no one else sees it that way, you won't say anything.
It has to be! It requires athletic ability, and should be defined as a sport.
You never really thought about it.
You're one of the people who strongly argues the fact that it isn't.

This Quiz has been designed by Kristah.