Are You A Cheerleader At Heart?
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Are You A Cheerleader At Heart?

Everyone seems to think that cheerleading is not a sport. Well, you're wrong if you think that! This quiz is just for fun, however. And not all cheerleaders are b******!

Question 1:   What is the jump that looks like a straddle in the air?
A pike
What? Who cares!
A toetouch

Question 2:   What is the difference between a cheer and a chant?
Ra, ra shish-boom-ba! Who cares!
A cheer has movements, a chant is on the sidelines
Not too sure
There's a difference?
A cheer is said loudly, a chant is yelled even louder

Question 3:   When the bases (the girls holding the flyer) position the flyer above their heads, what is this stunt called?
A pyramid
An extension

Question 4:   What is a formation?
The way a cheer can be organized (eg- V, windows)
Something birds fly south in
Not sure

Question 5:   What is the backspot's job?
To laugh if the person falls
To stare at a point on someone's back
To catch the flyer if they fall backwards

Question 6:   When performing a pyramid, do all the stunts have to be connected somehow?
Maybe so

Question 7:   What is a high V?
A dance
A routine
A motion

Question 8:   What is the name given to the person who is the top in the stunt?

Question 9:   Is it important to stretch before doing any stunts or jumping?
Yes, duh!
Not if you're a professional
Not really

Question 10:   Is cheerleading a sport? (This is opinion, but I have my answer as the right answer.)
Don't think so

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