Are you a Dance-a-holic?
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Are you a Dance-a-holic?

Pretty simple. Are you crazy about dance?

Question 1:   Your favorite sport is...?
Umm... dance, this is a DANCE quiz right!
Basketball, baseball, football, all those "Manly" sports!
Volleyball, basketball. All the sports that end in "ball".
Swimming, aquatics, surfing.... Soak up the water!
Sports? I might break a nail!

Question 2:   What IS a pointe/toe shoe made of?
They're ballet shoes! People just have REALLY strong toes and dance on their tippy toes!
Hello? I dunno, I play sports, I don't dance!
I've never taken apart a pointe shoe...

Question 3:   Lyrical... It's a mix between what?
Jazz and Tap
I don't know! I do sports!
Ballet and Jazz
Ballet and something
Jazz and something

Question 4:   What is first position of the feet?
Heels together, toes apart.
Feet spread apart
Gosh! When are you going to ask about basketball?
Feet crossed

Question 5:   A plie is...
Speak english!
The bending of the legs
The lifting of the legs
The pointing of the feet.

Question 6:   Why must you put make-up to go onstage?
To look super cute!
To look the same as everyone else!
To make sure you don't get "washed out" on stage.

Question 7:   To have good posture you must...
Stretch out your back
Lengthen you spine
Get your splits perfect

Question 8:   Splits help your...
They don't help

Question 9:   Before class you stretch at...
The barre

Question 10:   What IS a table top tutu? (this is EASY)
Those long flowing dresses
The things that make dancers look skinny
A targe round tutu used mainly in pointe and ballet.
Something hip hoppers wear

Question 11:   In a dance competition what's the best score you can get?
Bronze baby!
Honorable Mention

Question 12:   Which of these is NOT a famous ballet?
Swan Lake

Question 13:   What are toe pads for?
To stop bleeding
Cushioning your feet in pointe shoes
Covering up your ugly feet
Preventing you from slipping

Question 14:   Where is a Time Step used?

Question 15:   FINAL QUESTION: What’s the best way to stop runs in tights?
Hairspray/Nail Polish
Why would I wear TIGHTS?
Cutting the run

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