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What Type Of Dancer Am I? Quiz (Girls Only)

Are you a dancer who'd like to know what kind of style you have? This quiz will tell you whether it's more ballerina, tap/jazz, hip-hop or break-dance.

You should definitely focus on the type of dance you feel happiest doing, but hopefully what you like and what you're best at will match. This is really more about the image you project than anything else.

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    What's your typical favorite outfit to wear?

Comments (70)


1417 days ago
i got a tap/jazz dancer! it got the personality right but not the dancing part!
1592 days ago
I’m a ballet dancer and ballet is my favourite style I’m A dancer in real life And I’m happy I got ballet
1642 days ago
I got 30% for ballerina and hip hop diva, and 20% for break dancer and jazz and tap?
1647 days ago
I'm a ballerina lol
1683 days ago
I'm a hip hop diva

Which is so trueeee
1684 days ago
I apparently a hip hop dancer ...........t͟͟r͟͟u͟͟e͟͟.
1725 days ago
I'm a BREAK DANCER uchsia))
1856 days ago
I am a break dancer. I want to be a break dancer
2335 days ago
Ballet is not girly girly... *mad face*
2617 days ago
Kinda angry this is timed. But even more angry, it has SUCH LITTLE OPTIONS. I'm a tapper/Jazz/Lyrical dancer... Even though this was written a couple years back, it still concerns me.