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Which Dance Style Fits Me Best?

Are you a dancer, or do you want to become one? Here's a good test for you to try! Everyone has a dance style...what's yours? Are you a graceful ballerina? A casual break-dancer? A sassy hip-hop dancer or a mesmerizing tap dancer? Take this quiz to see what dance style suits you best!

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    What's your favorite outfit in your closet?

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17 days ago
I already do contemporary but I got ballet and hip hop instead!
31 days ago
Bruh i want to do jazz sooooooooooo bad but i cant do any of those fancy tricks. i can only do some leaps, turns and figure handstands and all types of cartwheels. so can someone tell me what jazz is like. I got hiphop btw
59 days ago
I got ballerina, hip hop dancer,break dancer
63 days ago
I got 40% a ballerina
156 days ago
I got 100% ballet! I am a ballet dancer and en pointe. Yay!
216 days ago
Yay i got ballerina, That is my favourite dance style so im happy with it
226 days ago
I got hip hop!!!!!!!!!!!
317 days ago
40% ballet, 30% tap, 20% hip hop and 10% break dancer. I dont do any of those i do lyrical
333 days ago
I got ballet and hip hip
I’m in lyrical character tap ballet and dance team. And like only one of those are on there. I love lyrical because you can really make stuff big on stage. With big emotions and slow music isn’t hard to find. And I also LOVE improve. I’ve been dancing since I was 4. And in 13. Love dance. Don’t rly understand the quiz results tho
335 days ago
I got tap dancer. the funniest thing is that I took tap dancing lessons before covid
338 days ago
OMGGGGG!!! I took this test and got ballerina...I have been dancing en pointe for about 1 year now......I love ballet! It is my life! I do not want to be a professional dancer though...not flexible...This test is so accurate!Do take it!
377 days ago
Hey. Hope the bullying has stopped Emily! ❤️❤️❤️U go gurlllll. Anyway, this was my result. I took this test because I rlly want to start learning dance but I’m really self conscious and I didn’t want to embarrass myself because I don’t really look very nice. Certificate: Test results
Which Dance Style Fits Me Best?
1001For 50% you are: So what type of dance is best for you? Congratulations! You're a hip-hop dancer! You're popular, fashionable, and can be a bit sassy. You're very outgoing and you speak your mind when you think you should. Hip-hop is totally for you!
12% of 59924 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 20% you are: So what type of dance is best for you? Congratulations! You're a break-dancer! Even though you might be lazy at times, you're still fun, sporty, and a cool tomboy. It's always fun to see someone spinning around on their head! If you try your best, you will be a great break-dancer! Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20% you are: So what type of dance is best for you? Congratulations! You're a tap dancer! You're fun to be around and a great person. Your friends trust you and you are approachable, not stuck-up. People really like that about you. So don't wait, just tap away! Profile C

Or even this one:
For 10% you are: So what type of dance is best for you? Congratulations! You're a ballerina! You're graceful, feminine, and a great friend! You would make an awesome ballerina - though it's hard work. You go, girl! Or guy - you know, males like to dance as well! Profile D I think hip hop is cool but I don’t know any moves. 😟 Thx for reading my (hugeeeee) comment. Have a nice day
642 days ago
Emily 💖 im sorry ik how it feels to be bullied just get ur eshay friends to bash them lol
677 days ago
I'm: 40% break dancer, 30% tap dancer, 20%ballet dancer and 10% hip hop dancer. Which is close because irish dancing is similar to a mix of tap and ballet.
677 days ago
I got a hip hop dancer. They were right when they said tomboy but I do irish dancing and I play basketball.
697 days ago
i have a terrible memory
697 days ago
even though i (think) i did different answers........
697 days ago
i took the dance again & got the same thing
701 days ago
but i do not do dance in a studio or anything like most of you guys.
701 days ago
they got the sassy part right for sure!