Which Dance Style Fits Me Best?

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Are you a dancer, or do you want to become one? Here's a good test for you to try! Everyone has a dance style...what's yours? Are you a graceful ballerina? A casual break-dancer? A sassy hip-hop dancer or a mesmerizing tap dancer? Take this quiz to see what dance style suits you best!

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    What's your favorite outfit in your closet?
    What's your favorite outfit in your closet?

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79 days ago
40% ballet, 30% tap, 20% hip hop and 10% break dancer. I dont do any of those i do lyrical
95 days ago
I got ballet and hip hip
I’m in lyrical character tap ballet and dance team. And like only one of those are on there. I love lyrical because you can really make stuff big on stage. With big emotions and slow music isn’t hard to find. And I also LOVE improve. I’ve been dancing since I was 4. And in 13. Love dance. Don’t rly understand the quiz results tho
97 days ago
I got tap dancer. the funniest thing is that I took tap dancing lessons before covid
100 days ago
OMGGGGG!!! I took this test and got ballerina...I have been dancing en pointe for about 1 year now......I love ballet! It is my life! I do not want to be a professional dancer though...not flexible...This test is so accurate!Do take it!
139 days ago
Hey. Hope the bullying has stopped Emily! ❤️❤️❤️U go gurlllll. Anyway, this was my result. I took this test because I rlly want to start learning dance but I’m really self conscious and I didn’t want to embarrass myself because I don’t really look very nice. Certificate: Test results
Which Dance Style Fits Me Best?
1001For 50% you are: So what type of dance is best for you? Congratulations! You're a hip-hop dancer! You're popular, fashionable, and can be a bit sassy. You're very outgoing and you speak your mind when you think you should. Hip-hop is totally for you!
12% of 59924 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 20% you are: So what type of dance is best for you? Congratulations! You're a break-dancer! Even though you might be lazy at times, you're still fun, sporty, and a cool tomboy. It's always fun to see someone spinning around on their head! If you try your best, you will be a great break-dancer! Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20% you are: So what type of dance is best for you? Congratulations! You're a tap dancer! You're fun to be around and a great person. Your friends trust you and you are approachable, not stuck-up. People really like that about you. So don't wait, just tap away! Profile C

Or even this one:
For 10% you are: So what type of dance is best for you? Congratulations! You're a ballerina! You're graceful, feminine, and a great friend! You would make an awesome ballerina - though it's hard work. You go, girl! Or guy - you know, males like to dance as well! Profile D I think hip hop is cool but I don’t know any moves. 😟 Thx for reading my (hugeeeee) comment. Have a nice day
404 days ago
Emily 💖 im sorry ik how it feels to be bullied just get ur eshay friends to bash them lol
439 days ago
I'm: 40% break dancer, 30% tap dancer, 20%ballet dancer and 10% hip hop dancer. Which is close because irish dancing is similar to a mix of tap and ballet.
439 days ago
I got a hip hop dancer. They were right when they said tomboy but I do irish dancing and I play basketball.
459 days ago
i have a terrible memory
459 days ago
even though i (think) i did different answers........
459 days ago
i took the dance again & got the same thing
463 days ago
but i do not do dance in a studio or anything like most of you guys.
463 days ago
they got the sassy part right for sure!
463 days ago
it said i am a hip hop dancer.... but i actually dance jazz (for fun)
473 days ago
I got ballerina 70% even though I am not girly at all I am a Tom boy but I love ballet I have been doing it ever since I was 2 now I am 13 so 11 years now.
I got break dancer 20% even though I am never lazy but I do like break dance
I got hip hop 10% but I am not too popular and I am not sassy at all. Btw what they say about all the dance styles there kinda wrong you don’t need to be sassy or popular for hip hot and for ballet you don’t need to be girly for ballet or lazy at all for breakdance.
534 days ago
I got ballerina 70% I do ballet and I really like it, but I am not girly at all I am a Tom boy. I don’t think you have to be girly to be a ballet dancer, Lol but I am very grateful
646 days ago
40% ballerina--not too surprising. I've been doing ballet for at least 7 years, lyrical for 3, and hip-hop for 2
790 days ago
lol I got a ballarina which I'm not suprised about! I'm a ballet dancer and a lyrical/contemperary dancer!
843 days ago
I got tap dancer lol that’s kinda what I wanna do but I’m not sure
865 days ago
I got ballerina. I’m not surprised because I am one.