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Which Dance Style Fits Me Best? Quiz

Are you a dancer, or do you want to become one? Here's a good test for you to try! Everyone has a dance style...what's yours? Are you a graceful ballerina? A casual break-dancer? A sassy hip-hop dancer or a mesmerizing tap dancer? Take this quiz to see what dance style suits you best!

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    What's your favorite outfit in your closet?
    What's your favorite outfit in your closet?

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1228 days ago
but i do not do dance in a studio or anything like most of you guys.
1228 days ago
they got the sassy part right for sure!
1228 days ago
it said i am a hip hop dancer.... but i actually dance jazz (for fun)
1239 days ago
I got ballerina 70% even though I am not girly at all I am a Tom boy but I love ballet I have been doing it ever since I was 2 now I am 13 so 11 years now.
I got break dancer 20% even though I am never lazy but I do like break dance
I got hip hop 10% but I am not too popular and I am not sassy at all. Btw what they say about all the dance styles there kinda wrong you don’t need to be sassy or popular for hip hot and for ballet you don’t need to be girly for ballet or lazy at all for breakdance.
1299 days ago
I got ballerina 70% I do ballet and I really like it, but I am not girly at all I am a Tom boy. I don’t think you have to be girly to be a ballet dancer, Lol but I am very grateful
1411 days ago
40% ballerina--not too surprising. I've been doing ballet for at least 7 years, lyrical for 3, and hip-hop for 2
1555 days ago
lol I got a ballarina which I'm not suprised about! I'm a ballet dancer and a lyrical/contemperary dancer!
1608 days ago
I got tap dancer lol that’s kinda what I wanna do but I’m not sure
1630 days ago
I got ballerina. I’m not surprised because I am one.
1744 days ago
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1746 days ago
I got hip hop I'm happy with it
1776 days ago
For 70% you are: congratulations! You're a hip hop dancer! You're popular, fashionable and can be a bit sassy. You're outgoing and speak your mind. Hip hop is for you!😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

That is not true
- Im not sassy at all (im nice to everyone)
- Im not outgoing (whatever that means)
- Im not popular (im too shy)

And anyway im a tap dancer
hip hop is rubbish
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I bet none of you know how i feel right now 😭😭😭
1870 days ago
I got ballerina! Pretty accurate actually. although I do multiple styles I always go back to ballet 😊
1940 days ago
lol apparently I'm a tap dancer
1964 days ago
Eh i do all sorts of dance I teach my cousins breakdancing and my other ballet some hip hop idk and some others they seem to like dancing its fun ain't it anyway gotta go