What level cheerleader are you?

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  • 1
    What I the hardest standing tumbling skill you can do on the floor?
  • 2
    What is the hardest running tumble skill you can do on floor?
  • 3
    What is the hardest stretch/position you can do?

  • 4
    What splits do you have?
  • 5
    If you are already a cheerleader, what level are you?
  • 6
    What is the hardest basket toss you have done?

  • 7
    How long have you been doing cheerleading for?
  • 8
    How hard do you train at every training session? (if you don't cheer then how much are you willing to give?)
  • 9
    How long would you be happy to travel for to get to a competition?
  • 10
    Personally, how good do you think you are at cheerleading? (truthfully)

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3 days ago
Im a level 5/6. Im only 11 so im good for my age
9 days ago
I LOVE cheer. It put me as a level 3 and it said that I was gonna start working on SUMMERSAULTS!! But I just completed a back tuck yesterday. So I think im WAY passed summersaults. >:(
13 days ago
it doesnt have a level 7 option? anyway i got level 5/6 even though im level 7 all star cheer?? anyway im only 11 ;)
123 days ago
I’m absolutely OBSESSED with cheer, but I got level four. I was prep trying out level two
215 days ago
I have done cheer for 3 years and I am level 4. This quiz said I was 5/6!! I am only 9!!
483 days ago
It game level 5 but the best skill I can do is a front punch and I don’t even have a tuck??
594 days ago
I am 11 and I am on a level 5 team. I am good for my age.
605 days ago
I only started this year too lol (2021)
605 days ago
609 days ago
I have never done cheer (as it
Is not in my country) but I do a lot of gymnastics and I am very good at it ( high up)
786 days ago
I am a level 1 cheerleader in one cheer team and in the other a level 2 because in the cheer that I am level 2 level 1 is for 3 and 4 year olds and I’m 7 I did this quiz to see how good I am I cheer because I’m starting a new cheer team tomorrow and I was honest to the quiz and it said I’m level 4! Witch is crazy because I’m a level 1/2 cheerleader! So I guess I’m just really good for my age!
883 days ago
I got level coz I’ve been doing gymnastics for 2 years then switched to cheer. I started cheer 3 months ago!
996 days ago
Me and my 10 year old sister Lillian got level 5/6 but we are English and we’ve never done cheer. We dance ballet and LOADS of acro, stunt and gymnastics. Great quiz!
1063 days ago
I do Not do Cheer, but I dance. I use to do tumbling but quit last year because my dance schedule got to crazy for me to do both dance and tumbling so I had to pick one. I want to quit dance this year and either do tumbuling or cheer. Every one thinks I should try cheer so I took this test to see what level I would be at and I’m very proud with my results. 5/6!
1164 days ago
I dont do cheer, so i can relate with doggie. my friends do cheer and i am a gymnast, so i thought it would be fun to see how advanced i am. I wasnt familiar with basket toss or pancake, but i got level 1! so really higher than my expectations
1228 days ago
It brought me back to reality
1421 days ago
I don't even do cheer i do gymnastics. so, level 1 idc. i don't do it anyway.
1483 days ago
I have done cheer for 7 years and plan to keel going. I amthe best on my team
1556 days ago
I am not a level 1 cheerleader!!! I am not even a cheerleader, never mind being level 1! I am a gymnast, and these are my hardest skills. Floor: double backhand spring, switch leap, pancake, and running front tuck. Vault: nothing is hard on vault, it’s so easy. Bars: straddle cast handstand, kip, back/front tuck off, and stride circle. Beam: front and side aerials, N aerials, tucks, and roundoffs.
1583 days ago
I love this app because you are telling your self and rethinking are we good at cheer ...! Thanks for this app it really cool it mean the world to be cheer leading :) ...!