Which NFL star are you?
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Which NFL star are you?

Ever wonder if you played professional football which football player you would be most like? Well now is your chance to find out!

Question 1:When running to the outside say on a sweep play you notice a defensive end is containing you, what would you do?
Run out of bounds like a girl
Lower your shoulder and knock him out of his panties
Give him a move and leave him wondering where you went

Question 2:You line up as a wide receiver, the quarterback calls the play and you run your route. The quarterback is about to throw you the ball, but a defender is about to hit you as soon as you catch that ball, you...
Catch the ball and yell bring it on as he pummels you
Catch the ball one handed as you spin out of the way
Don't catch the ball and hope he doesn't still hit you

Question 3:You are returning a kickoff and three big lineman are coming at you, you...
Pick one and run straight at him, head and shoulder lowered
Try and outrun all of them with Shawn Springs speed
Lateral to your teammate next to you

Question 4:You are kicking off and the return man is about 6-2 200 lbs. you are the only one that got through the line, you...
Make it look like you tripped so you don't have to tackle him
Dive at his feet in hopes or tripping him or making him do a front flip
Extend your arms and put him on his back

Question 5:you just scored your first touchdown, you...
Point up humbly towards GOD
Say "how did i do that?"
Act like Randy Moss and maybe get thrown out of the game

Question 6:You have to kick the ball because your kicker got injured, during the extra point someone hits you after you kick the ball, you...
Say "you better watch out for yourself"
cry and tell your coach you have a booboo
Complain to the ref about the late hit

Question 7:What would you do if your coach asked you to play even though you sprained your ankle?
Tell your coach "I'll give it 110 %"
Quit the team and cry after school.
Say "Dang coach I don't know, it's really bad" (though it is a minor sprain, you are taking precautions)

Question 8:During practice you would most likely...
Going in with most of the drills but kind of slacking
Volunteering to lead every drill
Spend most of the time in the nurse's room

Question 9:You are the quarterback of the team. The linebackers have been sacking you over and over, and even though you try to get the lineman to do something they just won't do it. On the next play another linebacker comes through, and you are tired of it, you...
Try and throw the ball while running away from him
Stay focused and make the throw, he is diving at you
Throw the ball away, risking an interception

Question 10:The morning after the game you get up and say...
"dang cuz I juked the funk out of that hizouse yesterday, and I have a bruise"
"wow so that is what it feels like to be hit by a car"
"that wasn't so bad, my body doesn't even ache"

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