Are you flexible? Quiz

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Are you flexible? Do you even have bones? Or you can't even touch your toes? Take this quiz and find out how flexible you are!

  • 1
    Let's start...Do you stretch?
  • 2
    Do you take classes? (gymnastics, dance, cheer)
  • 3
    Can you do the splits? (2 side splits, 1 middle)

  • 4
    How about oversplits?
  • 5
  • 6
    Are you skinny, chubby, fat?

  • 7
    Can you touch your toes?
  • 8
    How flexible do you think you are on scale 0-10?
  • 9
    You see a girl doing a contortion (perfect). You are like....:
  • 10
    Pick one:

Comments (47)


55 days ago
I’m 11 and I got high score because I travel with the circus and I am a aerialist so I think I’m flexible. And I have been doing ballet since I was 3 and I’m on point now.
59 days ago
Im 11 years old and takes ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, pointe, lyrical and acro! Not suprising that i got a high score.
59 days ago
Hi Anna and Sofie! Im a big fan and im a dancer who does contortion. I get called Flexi.
59 days ago
im called flexi bc im flexible
224 days ago
Hi everybody! Keep up with the practice, it will pay off!
308 days ago
These are so simple just keep going dont give up!
404 days ago
i mean mcnulty sorry
404 days ago
i love jordan matter, lilly kentchmen, anna m😍ly too
471 days ago
Luv sofie dossi and anna mcnulty hope to be better than them somedayLuv sofie dossi and anna mcnulty hope to be better than them somedayLuv sofie dossi and anna mcnulty hope to be better than them someday
473 days ago
I am a fan of Anna Mcnulty and Sofie Dossi ! I hope that I will be extremely flexible more than Anna and Sofie.
549 days ago
I am really flexible and I hope to be as flexible as sofie dossi someday
565 days ago
Anna Mcnulty fan! And Sophie Dossi!!
585 days ago
Sorry it’s me again! Anna mcnulty I love all your videos and you are amazing too! Wow two amazing contortionists!
585 days ago
Oh my dog! Sophie Dossi! Your amazing it’s me again oh my dog I’ve seen your text thing! This is AMAZING wow you’re amazing oh my dog!!!!
585 days ago
I’m 11 years old and 3ft10 (I know small!) and I do musical theatre at a stage school class twice a week 8 hours in total and hip hop ballet and tap with voice lessons and drama class and gymnastics 2 hours a week. Honestly I’m really good at leaps, flips and kicks but I think flexibility is harder but I’m flexible in my back and Legs because I can back bend and split and oversplit I have poorer balence!
878 days ago
I’ve gotten pretty flexible. There’s always room for improvement, but I’m happy with my progress! You can do this!! :)
894 days ago
Well I guess i'm flexible? (though it's kinda a given with hypermobility joint syndrome)
918 days ago
OMG I don’t have bones I thought I was a rock but I like to practice contortion BUT NOW I CAN BE LIKE SOFIE DOSSI YAY!!!’ 😁
1011 days ago
quiz:do u even have bones
me:nope i dont think so
1023 days ago
Omg softie dossi you are my biggest fan and I’m really flexible 100 %