Are you an Intelligent Swimmer?
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Are you an Intelligent Swimmer?

Do you know how to train smart? Do you spend most of your time training Hard? Answer this quiz and find if you could benefit from Intelligent Swim Training...

Question 1:   When you swim freestyle your coach says your hips sway from side to side but your arm action is excellent. Do you...
Pull harder
Switch to another stroke and never swim freestyle again
Improve your core control
Train more distance in your freestyle
Give up swimming

Question 2:   Your hips sink when you swim backstroke and you seem to have a weak kick. Do you...
Put on a pair of hand paddles to give you more pull
Try going in a slower lane
Eat less bananas in the hope it will make you bend less in the middle
Spend some time on the Swiss Ball during Dryland training to improve your body connection

Question 3:   You swim a 200m freestyle with the following splits 41:27 49:34 51:93 39:24 This shows you have...
Excellent Anaerobic Threshold and lactate tolerance
Good explosive power and excellent lactate tolerance
You've been doing alot of 10x100m near your Anaerobic Threshold
Should continue with exactly same training regime for the next 6 months
Need to do more pull sets

Question 4:   Your dive entries are always too deep. This could be caused from...
Looking down towards your feet when the starter says "take your marks"
Swinging your hands to the side and then up
All of the above
Letting your knees drop down when the starter says "Go"

Question 5:   Which of the following is correct for freestyle hand entry technique?
Thumb entry first
Fingertips entering first with the hand relaxed and "flat"
Little finger first
Hand should be cupped

Question 6:   How important is technique?
10% of your training should be technique work
90% of your training should be technique work
30% of your training should be technique work
50% of your training should be technique work

Question 7:   The breaststroke pull should involve you..
Pulling up as high as possible
Pressing your hands above the water on recovery
Squeezing your shoulder blades together as you press out

Question 8:   For Butterfly your hands should enter
Thubs first at your shoulder
Straight and together directly in front of your nose
With your elbows bent

Question 9:   To improve speed the most important muscle groups in the body is...
legs as the kick is where all the power is
arms as this is where most people lack strength to pull
shoulders as this is where most people get injured because of a lack of strength
core muscles as they control your body alignment and ability to generate power

Question 10:   When swimming butterfly your head should enter before your hands to ensure a good hip action. To assist this hip action you should also...
Spend most of your fly workout kicking with a board
Do a lot of fly pull with paddles and a pull bouy
Pull higher so your shoulders come out of the water to aid your arm recovery
Press your chest down and contract your abdominal muscles

This Quiz has been designed by Helen.