How much talent for figure skating do you have?
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How much talent for figure skating do you have?

If you started taking lessons in figure skating right now how much talent would you have? Find out if this sport is right for you!

Question 1:   About how high can you jump if you are standing still?
About 6 inches from the ground
About 1 foot from the ground
Two feet high or more
I can't jump

Question 2:   Can you do the splits?
Yes I can go all the way down on both sides and the center!
Yes but only one way.
Sometimes I can go down all the way but rarely.
What? Are you crazy? I would break myself!

Question 3:   How fast can you run?
I can run really fast for long distances.
I can run fast, but only for a short time.
I don't run I just jog lightly.
Haha. The only time I run is when the phone rings!
I don't run very fast but I can run for a loooong time without stopping.

Question 4:   What kind of foods do you eat?
I eat a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, and meat.
I am a vegetarian.
I eat healthy most of the time but I might have a coke or some candy sometimes.
SUGAR! I eat nothing but sugar! All day long! Sugar Sugar Sugar.........

Question 5:   How busy are you with school?
I'm so busy I don't have time to do anything else. Ever.
School is tough, but I still find time to do the things I like.
School is easy and I have plenty of extra time on my hands.
School? Oh yeah that thing i dropped out of 3 years ago......
I have finished school.

Question 6:   How old are you?

Question 7:   How much do you weigh?
Very little. I am nothing but a toothpick. I blow away when the wind is strong.
I weigh less than most people my age, but I am healthy.
I'm just the right weight. I am exactly what the normal weight for my age is.
I am overweight, but I would like to find some form of exercise to help with that.
Don't know, don't care.

Question 8:   How tall are you?
Less than 3 feet tall.
The average height for my age.
3-5 feet tall
Taller than 5 feet.
Taller than 6 feet.

Question 9:   Would you be willing do devote several if not many years to perfecting yourself in figure skating?
Absolutely, not a doubt in my mind.
Yeah I guess, as long as there is still time to hang with friends.
I don't have the patience to wait that long. I want perfection ASAP.
No, I don't really want to spend a large portion of my life in an ice rink.
Absolutely not. I already devote too much time to getting out of bed.

Question 10:   Would you like to compete?
Oh yes. Competition is what I live for. Its fun and exciting.
I have an obsession with winning. If I don't win I will cry and throw a tantrum.
I would like to compete a little, but that stuff makes me nervous.
No I just want to have fun practicing.
Are you nuts? You won't ever see me out on the ice by myself. No Way!

Question 11:   How would you behave if you found out that after you skated your best, you still got last place?
Scream and cry. Those judges are so stupid, they just don't know real talent when they see it.
Just say Oh well, better luck next time and go home and try to improve.
I would quit. There is no reason to go on if I get last place.
I already told you, I wouldn't be competing anyway!

Question 12:   The last question? How would you choose a coach?
I would get a low level coach that doesn't charge as much because I probably won't stick with it anyway.
I wouldn't get a coach. They are losers and I can probably do better on my own.
I'm going to the Olympics and everyone knows it. My coach will be the best most expensive one there is.
I will find someone that I get along with, who matches my personality well.

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