Which Volleyball Position Should I Play?🏐

Hitter, Setter, Passer? An All-Rounder?
How do you know which volleyball position is right for you?
You want to do your very best and help your team to win! So, have you ever wondered if your volleyball coach from sixth grade put you in the correct position?
Take this quiz to find out which one you are actually best suited to play!

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    How tall are you?
    How tall are you?

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121 days ago
30% libero, i think this is pretty accurate since im only 5ft :,) but yeah i think im well suited for this postion
478 days ago
Yooo, so basically ive never played vb before. well in vb camp yea but it was just practicing n stuff i didnt really have a position or anything and it said im an all round player, but i could be a hitter or a passer so im confused asf. imo i would want to be either a middle blocker or a libero sooo help lmao :')(
558 days ago
Hey Haikyuu ❤️!
I know you commented this pretty long ago, but how about you try both volleyball and badminton? My situation was reversed, I wanted to play badminton but my father wanted me to play volleyball. I ended up playing both and had a lot of fun, but at some point volleyball became way more interesting for me and I now only do badminton from time to time.

Give it a try if possible, and if not, do what you think you would enjoy most. Have fun!
747 days ago
Hi I want to play volleyball. And am inspired by haikyuu . But my parents insist on Playing badminton. What should I do ?
751 days ago
i got into volleyball from haikyuu too!!
786 days ago
i basically got into volleyball cause of haikyuu. its ironic how basically the whole comments r haikyuu related. Im proud of all those fellow weebs/weaboos/otakus out there
792 days ago
amazing got 60 percent for setter love how it was accurate for me cause i am a setter and have been for the past few years
859 days ago
I’ve done this quiz twice, and the first time I got setter and now I got %50 all rounder. I’m 13, female and 5”6.5 (I’m done growing) so I’m leaning towards becoming a Libero. Im good at receiving, but I’m also a decent setter because I’m good at aiming and judging distances. I’ve played many sports before and I’ve always been good at them, so which position is best for me?

PS. Sorry for the essay lol I sound like someone on Quora when someone asks for the best toilet paper brand or sum
870 days ago
I’m 14 and idk what position to play. I’ve never played before I am born female, but am non-binary. If I had to choose I would prefer to play on the men’s team. I am 5’3 and fairly athletic. What should I do?
943 days ago
i want to play volleyball next year for my school because i got really into haikyuu and started playing it a recess a little, and i took a test prior to this that said i should be a libero or middle blocker (i'm 5'2 so i prolly fit more into libero, but my school doesnt offer that). and then from this test i got "unclear answer"
997 days ago
P.S. I’m 12 and that is a continuation from my other comment if you are wondering
997 days ago
I got all-rounder 50% and hitter sooo... ya I am not done growing and I got taller jeans in my family I am currently 5’2” though and on other quizzes I am supposed to be a Middle Blocker but now I’m confused lol
1001 days ago
Yosh Hitter! Well, it‘s said that I‘m also good at setter stuff but I‘m not really sure
1030 days ago
I got hitter but I can't aim I'm the ace in my high school even though I'm only 4/10 surprise for me it's just like Hinata so I'm a tiny giant to!
1036 days ago
I love how nearly everyone in the comments are Haikyu characters
1105 days ago
I'm an all around player and I got pass and setter oof
1107 days ago
an all rounder? i wanted something specific.
1108 days ago
I’m an all around player. What’s that mean? 🧍‍♀️Well anyways, I’m 5’9-5’10 so do you have any position right for me
1114 days ago
ive played volleyball and im libereo and i got setter result
1125 days ago
not at all accurate.... not even proper positions included in here... wheres outside? opposite? middle? these are far too generic. welp, guess i cant help quizzes built for those who have watched haikyuu and now believe they are capable playing in the VNl.. Sad.