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Are you a fast runner?

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Have you ever wondered if you are good at running? Have you asked your friends if you are fast and they said yes but you didn't know if they were lying? Take this fun quiz to find out!

  • 1
    What is your age?
  • 2
    What is your best 5k time? (If you haven't run one enter your estimated time)
  • 3
    What is your best mile time?

  • 4
    About how long have you been running?
  • 5
    Are you part of a running team/group?
  • 6
    About how long would you run on a long run day?

  • 7
    About how many days a week do you do a track/interval workout?
  • 8
    About how much water do you drink on a typical day?
  • 9
    About how many races have you won in your racing career?
  • 10
    What is the longest plank you have ever done?

  • 11
    If you have friends that don't run, do they think that you are fast?
  • 12
    Would you consider yourself a devoted runner?
  • 13
    How high are your grades/Do you have a good job?
  • 14
    At what time of day do you run?
  • 15
    How many running websites are you a part of?
  • 16
    Which diet sounds most like yours?

  • 17
    If you run/ran on a cross country team, were you on varsity? (If you were not do you think you would be?)
  • 18
    How fast are you for your gender?
  • 19
    Pick a quote:
  • 20
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (38)


224 days ago
Look at the comments. Just people boasting about how good they are!! 😂😂
224 days ago
I just did this because I think I might be under average. I found out maybe I'm fast
379 days ago
95% fast runner! OMG but I’m the slowest in my school track and field team…
379 days ago
IM A FAST RUNNER WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPOOO YEAH WHOOOOOOHOOOO (welp cuz in real life im the slowest in my track team… people always look down on me so I’ll try to be happy when i can. THANKS FOR THE QUIZ!!!)
403 days ago
Im 45% runner. But that's good enough.
450 days ago
That is 100% physically not possible for anyone!
467 days ago
When I was 6 I ran faster than a 14 year old. The path was 1 mile and I finished it under 70 seconds (not joking)
712 days ago
I am 13 and I liked this test it was ok I got good results from it
745 days ago
801 days ago
look up Macey Shriner on athletic.net and please tell me if you think i'm fast or not
805 days ago
Everyone is saying they can run 10 miles in 5 minutes, that is litterally PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE😂😂 im being HONEST, I ran 19:40 in a 5k when I was 12, and I have gone to the nationals 5 years in a row
825 days ago
I can run 10 miles in 7 and a half minutes and I am really short for my age(8)
825 days ago
I am a really good runner I am the fastest in my year I am faster than a year 11 ( my older sister) and I am only 8
841 days ago
This was a dumb quiz
863 days ago
I'm 11 and I used to be faster I got could be a really fast runner but if I what happens to me in the last year lol 😐
899 days ago
This was really fun and super awesome and I'm only 9 years old
905 days ago
I’m my grades fastest runner. I have also always won completions. PEOPLE BEAT THAT
944 days ago
I only really started running about a week ago. I did it because my friend signed us both up for a cross country run at our school. Everyone thinks I’m a runner cause I have the build for it, they’ve actually been surprised when I say I don’t do a running based sport (I do tennis). I’m not that good. It took me half an hour to do two miles. But, that was my second practice and i do admit that wasn’t smart, one time I did a mile in ten minutes the next I do two, nothing before either of them. I’ve got the cross country tomorrow, I know not to practice today but I really want to, it’s three miles and I haven’t practiced that. I want to get better. I want to become a runner but my family keep laughing every time I say anything about it. I’m going to carry on, but it’s quite hard since it’s January and the fields are covered in mud.
987 days ago
oh yeah and people call me the golden streak because when i run it looks like im invisible
987 days ago
im super duper fast. im faster than lightning. but for real im faster than anyone in my city and im only 12 and im also short. so im considered a light speed runner for my size and age. im the fastest man alive i can run 12 miles in 1 minute.