Which HWF Superstar Are You?
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Which HWF Superstar Are You?

Hey... just take the freakin' test.. okay?!

Question 1:Someone jumps you backstage. Do you...
Stalk them, waiting for your perfect opportunity to strike back.
Roll up in a ball and start to cry.
Complain that no one respects you.
Say you were never in the arena, so you don't know who's ass they kicked in the first place.

Question 2:You lose a big title match. Do you...
Train hard and come back with a vengeance to win the title.
Run away crying and saying ' It's not fair! I was screwed over! '
Jump the title holder and anyone that gets in your way as revenge.
Say ' Ah screw it. I never wanted that title anyway. '

Question 3:Your valet is being hit on by another wrestler. Do you...
Beat the crap outta the other wrestler and drag away your valet.
Join in for a nasty threesome with them.
Leave that bitch alone cause she's a big skank anyway.
Grab you valet and pimp slap that bitch for talking to another guy.

Question 4:Someone approaches you to form a tag team. Do you...
Accept because you can always user another friend to watch your back
Accept but are prepared to turn against him at any given second.
Decline because you work alone.
It would never happen cause you suck and no one wants to team with you.

Question 5:A brawl between two wrestlers that you have no ties to breaks out right in front of you. Do you...
Jump in and help out the guy you want to for a partnership with.
Accidentally get your own ass kicked cause you were standing there doing nothing.
Go get a chair and a box of popcorn to enjoy the fight.
Kick both their asses cause they got in your way.

Question 6:You would much rather drive to the arena in...
A puke green 1972 Gremlin with a shattered windshield.
A humvee.
A viper.
' Drive?! Fuck that! That's why limos have chauffeurs. '

Question 7:Someone challenges you to a match for that shiny gold title around your waist. Do you...
Accept because you can kick anyone's ass.
Decline because they are not in your league and don't deserve a title shot.
Run and hide like a bitch because you don't want to lose your title.

Question 8:You arrive seconds after a brutal attack on wrestler is committed. He lies there pain next to a dented steel chair used in the attack. Do you...
Help them up and get them to the EMT's.
Ignore their groans of pain and continue walking.
Give'm a swift kick to the stomach since they are already down.
Pick up the steel chair used in the attack and say ' No! Not my favorite steel chair! '

Question 9:You get smacked upside the head with a steel chair. Are you more prone to...
Get pissed and hit them back with a steel chair of your own.
Pass out.
Start talking about bunnies and monkeys and say ' You're Welcome. ' a lot.
This happens to you so often the attack is named after you and you have your own bed at the hospital.

Question 10:Steel chairs...
Were made for sitting down.
Were made for knocking the crap outta people.
Are my only friends.
I get hit by these a lot.

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