Which Football (Soccer) Position Should I Play?

Are you curious to find out which non-goalie football position would suit you best? Whether you already have an idea of your natural abilities on the field or are open to surprises, this quiz is here to help you uncover your hidden talents.
Football offers a range of positions that cater to different skills and playing styles. Would you thrive as a full-back, defending well while joining the attack with exciting runs down the sides? Or maybe you're meant to be a center-back, mastering the art of defense and stopping opposing attackers in their tracks.
Take the quiz now and let's uncover which non-goalie football position is the perfect fit for you. It's a fun way to explore your potential on the field. Get your shoes on, embrace the challenge, and let's find out where you belong in the game!

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    How tall are you?

Comments (77)


11 days ago
I didn't mean to do that kiss emoji but I got 50% striker
11 days ago
Let's go...
I got striker but which is my favourite position but I'm not it in my team because this one person is 🕊e at everything else so sending this to coach
So happy
11 days ago
I am gk but is said cu
47 days ago
I got 40% Wing Back, 30% Center Back, 20% Striker, 10% Full Back, and 0% Center Midfielder. I am a Midfielder and Striker
110 days ago
Why is every quizz giving me a midfielder
261 days ago
i got 60% center back just like irl
264 days ago
I got goalie and said your the bull blocking the china shop
284 days ago
i got fielder
284 days ago
285 days ago
I got centre back, but I actually play winger- I guess I didn’t get winger in this, because my coach organises is differently- in this quiz, the winger is RUN RUN RUN, but when I play, it’s not as much running.
364 days ago
I'm a holding midfielder
588 days ago
i got 60% wingback,20% striker,20% cm
710 days ago
I got 60% center back 20 %striker 10% wing back and 10% cm
752 days ago
I have 40% CF 30% AM and 10% wingback full back and center back. TBH I am an GOALSCORING ATTACKING MIDFIELDER.
805 days ago
I am next Bruno FERNANDEZ
908 days ago
I got 50% wingback,30% striker,20% central midfielder
926 days ago
Just like real life, CM/WB/CB/FB
948 days ago
I got 40% striker 20% midfielder 10% wingback and 10% fullback
949 days ago
What did you get everyone ?
952 days ago
Everyone stop that name stuff