Which Football (Soccer) Position Suits Me Best?

Which non-goalie football position is best for you? Would you make a better full-back, center-back, center-midfield, wing-back or striker? You might have some idea already of what your natural abilities are - or maybe this quiz will surprise you! Try it now!

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    How tall are you?

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47 days ago
I got 60% center back 20 %striker 10% wing back and 10% cm
89 days ago
I have 40% CF 30% AM and 10% wingback full back and center back. TBH I am an GOALSCORING ATTACKING MIDFIELDER.
142 days ago
I am next Bruno FERNANDEZ
245 days ago
I got 50% wingback,30% striker,20% central midfielder
263 days ago
Just like real life, CM/WB/CB/FB
285 days ago
I got 40% striker 20% midfielder 10% wingback and 10% fullback
286 days ago
What did you get everyone ?
289 days ago
Everyone stop that name stuff
291 days ago
Hi! my name is Your Name:
291 days ago
hello everybody!
291 days ago
hello everybody! my name is persival
291 days ago
hi my name is : sonic153246
293 days ago
I got 50% striker 30% wingback 20% centre midfielder
312 days ago
SO I had to put in a guess from my family
312 days ago
I'm ten i wish it had an exact below 5'5"
409 days ago
40 percent wing back and 30 central midfield, I like this.
434 days ago
lmao 40% fullback, not even surprised xD
478 days ago
Yeah, I knew I would get winger. I've always been that right mid/right-wing guy on my team. Just wanted to make sure. Nice quiz!
586 days ago
Well I knew I would get Centre-half while full-back is my second option
587 days ago
So 40%wingback and 30% full back with 20% striker exactly what I wanted to be