Which sport should you play? Quiz (For girls)

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Coming from a very sporty girl herself, I ensure you that if you are honest with your answers, you'll get the best sport for you!

  • 1
    Do you play any sports?
  • 2
    Which sounds more interesting to you?
  • 3
    Are you scared to get hit or are you tough enough to deal with pain?

  • 4
    Are you fast?
  • 5
    Indoors or Outdoors?
  • 6
    Are you kind of a tomboy or girly girl?

  • 7
    Do you like watching sports on Tv?
  • 8
    Favorite drink?
  • 9
    Out of the following, which seems more interesting for you?
  • 10
    Okay, last one. Which winter sport do you like?

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166 days ago
I got Basketball / cross country… definitely not doing basket ball… and I’ve looked into across country before: it’s a possibility.. but I don’t think this was very accurate…
182 days ago
I got tennis or baseball! Very accurate I am learning to play tennis and I play softball and Baseball!!! ⚾️🥎🎾!!!
185 days ago
I love sport it's one of my favourite things to everyone thinks I'm not sporty because I'm in year 4. Yes I'm 2012 no one can make fun of me or my friends I'll take it very seriously and hurt them.
396 days ago

428 days ago
UGH WTH!!! this is so wrong!!!! really thought that i might find something good but didnt. oh well
428 days ago
so i was trying to figure out what sport i should play, and i got basketball/cross country. i don't really like running and i haven't played but like basketball in a while, and will probably be bad at it professionally, my parents are buggin me about playing a sport but i can't figure out the right one for me. things like rock climbing are unknown that much but i kinda want to do that. Idk, this isn't very correct. whatever
486 days ago
Ok so i came out as a soccer'football player but the soccer season just ended and i played but i kinda wanna do volleyball but idk about it thats why i took this test soooooooo
642 days ago
im a netball player (why is netball not an option??), a football player, a sprinter, a mt biker, bballer, and a swimmer
764 days ago
I hate chess. I play soccer, ski, and bike!
807 days ago
This is so not true I play volleyball 🏐 and football not basketball and lacrosse 🥍 don’t waste your time
911 days ago
Um it said no sports just chess I’M SPORTS CAPTAIN OF MY SCHOOL AMD I PLAY ALL SPORTS I’VE EVER HEATD OF!!!!!and I’m kinda competative
982 days ago
1033 days ago
I don’t like cross Country or basketball 😡
1033 days ago
I don’t think they know what they are talking about because I said I don’t like running and they gave me a sport that includes lots of running 😡😡😡😡
1034 days ago
I’m 13 years old. This came back as accurate! I did archery for 11 years before I quit because I just didn’t have the time. I’ve been playing tennis for 2 years and when spring season comes around our school tennis team is gonna get back on the courts. I also like soccer and volleyball and play in tournaments all the time!
1311 days ago
This is bogus like it is like sports isn't for you I run xc and do track and soccer so idk what it is talking about and I want to do more sports than just that like um maybe analyze your facts better
1342 days ago
it said sports aren’t for me which is a total lie i play vb so yea i ain’t a person who plays chess
1464 days ago
Dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading. No, I play basketball, volleyball, track,and I want to play football
1473 days ago
it said that I should try soccer and tennis but I hate running and have already tried soccer and hated it this test is very wrong.
1536 days ago
I don’t like cross country or basketball 🤬