Which WWE Raw Diva Are You?
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Which WWE Raw Diva Are You?

Victoria, Stacy, Trish, or Molly? Who are you?

Question 1:   Which of the following describes you best?
Very proud, and respected.
Real girly, flirtacious, and outgoing.
An all-round, down-to-earth person.
A little nutty and goofy at times!

Question 2:   What are you most likely to say about yourself?
"I'm a crazy bitch."
"I have respect for myself."
"I'm a strong, and independent woman."
"I'm a sweetheart."

Question 3:   What type of clothes do you wear?
Matching outfits, short tops, colourful trousers/pants.
Anything black, with leather...
Bright, pink, short skirts and tops.
Anything 'classy' not trashy.

Question 4:   What type of music do you listen to?
R&B, Hip Hop
I listen to various types of music.
Rock and alternative

Question 5:   When it comes to men, you like them...
Fighting over me!
As a reflection of myself.
When they can take care of me.
I don't like them at all!

Question 6:   Your worst enemies are always...
People who've crossed me.
Catty, and jealous women!
My polar opposites.

Question 7:   Your friends...
Are important people in my life.
Are non-existent.
I don't have friends, I have allies.
Wish they could be like me.

Question 8:   What is more important to you?
Love and happiness
Boys *giggles*

Question 9:   Your goal is always to...
Stay respected.
Stay in a long and lasting relationship.
Stay one step ahead of everybody else.
Accomplish something in my life, which will make me proud.

Question 10:   You love wrestling because...
It's my life.
Wrestling? I only watch it for the hunky men!
I like to see people getting their ass' kicked!
I feel it is where I belong, as I continue to prove myself.

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